• The Price of Right Made It

    Yes, Saturday Night Live will be the same without Don Pardo, because for a position like that, someone can step in and fill the shoes. There has been turnover on the Price is Right, and that show has managed to put new people in those roles and continue on. Saturday Night Live will survive.

  • it will be the same

    Saturday night will be the same without Don Pardo because they can always find someone else to host the show. Late night shows like Saturday night live have came on for many years and they can always find a good funny host to make the crowd go wild and give America the over the top reality that this show brings.

  • It's Rum It's Course

    I believe SNL has ran it's course and I believe that has been the case for many years now. I imagine the show will be much the same without Don Pardo. I think eventually we'll see the show cancelled and replaced with something else. I look forward to something new and creative personally.

  • With The Voice of a Generation Gone, SNL Just Won't Be The Same

    The loss of Don Pardo at age 96 will be felt through the rest of Saturday Night Live's run, however long that might be. His voice at the start of the show was the only constant throughout the years of cast changes. Viewers always knew, regardless of who was appearing and who was hosting, that the soothing tones of Don Pardo would always be there.

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