• We will partially cure it

    We might be able to postpone aging in the future. We can find ways to look younger longer and ward of age related diseases. But we will never cure it. My best bet is that we will delay the cellular aging process dramatically in humans within the next century. The goal is to be healthier longer and live longer while looking younger longer. That's a main aspiration for humanity. That's sufficient for humanities main objectives, Reverse age related diseases and cellular degeneration.

  • Age is cruel

    I've watched what aging did to my grandparents. I saw them deteriorate rapidly both physically and mentally. It broke my heart, and I promised myself that I would never end up that way. Why do so many people insist that age gives meaning to life? Old age is an insult to us. As a species, we're only at our physical and mental peak for about 20 years. Then we begin to decline. Now for a species that is self aware and has the capacity for understanding the world as we do, to lose one's faculties is just wrong. People say that we shouldn't fight aging because it's "natural." It's always been there. Well, if you're going to argue natural, then humanity should be living in caves because it's "natural." We are driven to better ourselves and our quality of life. Just because other animals don't worry about age and death, it doesn't mean we shouldn't. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, we have the unique ability of self awareness, and consciousness, which enable us to see and understand life to the point where we can alter it to better our chances of survival. Just look at agriculture and farming. We created those to better our chances of eating. That's our ability. We can invent solutions that no other animal can think of. Aging's no different. Many of us don't want it, so we look for the causes and the cure. And I believe that we will. I have no problem with not aging. I've heard people say that if we stop aging, we will have a society that devalues marriage, love, friendship, children, and everything we have today. I don't see why. We'll live longer yes, but I don't believe that we'll lose our meaning in life or our desire to love and be loved. We could still die. People don't seem to get this. There are innumerable things that kill humans today, people who don't make it to old age. Those things would still be there whether we age or not. So without an aging population, people would probably still die of accidents, disease, injury, murder, and all those other things that can kill us. All we would have done is eliminate the one inevitable cause of death, which is old age. With that gone, our chances of survival are higher, but are not guaranteed anymore than they are today.

  • Eugenics are being figured out no too.

    Recently articles have appeared interviewing many scientists that are studying eugenics and finding out that the human body is actually sort of "engineered" to deteriorate after having children. (Not unlike salmon). Its just that our process takes much longer.
    If you give that we can manipulate eugenics to prevent some of them from flipping our switches to age and then repair any other damage that occurs, we could greatly slow down or eliminate aging.

    However this doesn't make us immortal. Immortality would be a completely different can of worms.

    Now, with many researchers, corporations, and many other places getting into this. I think it is just a matter of time.

    World over populating is a myth. We will be fine due to the advent of technologies that make food faster, more sustainable energy sources, and falling birthrates.

    With people living so long it is putting a strain on the global economies. That's a lot of people to care for that are in their infirmary years. Cure aging and we won't have nearly the same medical bills crunching taxes. Especially since the worlds largest generation is coming up to bat with full swing.

    I am not delusional. I know that one day I will die. I would just like to not have to suffer for decades while I come up to it. I also have a good reason for living. I have a loving family whom I would also lie to not see suffer.

    Remember that the medical industry is just now really starting to get involved in technology. Technology increases exponentially. If the medical field is going to be affected by it, it will cause great break throughs in a very short amount of time. Just like processors, storage, and other techs improved very rapidly, so too will our ability to run human DNA, Genome, Eugenics, ect through faster and faster systems to learn more about them rapidly. Let alone when quantum computers and AI hit the world in full sway. It will be a very fun time in the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Yes we are already getting there

    Ageing is very likely to be reversed in our lifetime. First off we are already testing senolytic agents, telomere lenghtening therapies and NAD boosing drugs. This will increase lifespan by ten years which will buy time til more advanced therapies come along, and then we will have longevity escape velocity as aubrey de grey puts it. Anyone who disagrees with this knows nothing about gernotology and has their head in the sand

  • We only accept ageing as natural cause currently we don't have any other choice

    I think preventing/managing ageing is both desirable and practical for man kind.. The human lifespan is the most unfair system on earth, our society simply doesn't allow for 95% of people to enjoy their lives with the current lifespan. If you are able to provide people with a longer healthier lifespan then people will be able to achieve more, societies and economies will boom as more of the population are capable of being able to work and contribute to the economy. We currently accept death and growing old as something that is inevitable but when you actually think about it it is in fact the most obsolete fact of life.. Whom actually wants to die, simple fact is nobody even people whom commit suicide I'd argue that if those people where in a world where their time wasn't finite and there was always a chance to turn life around then alot more people would be alot more optimistic in life.. People give up on life when they feel they don't have enough time to turn things around but if time wasn't a factor then there wouldn't be a reason to give up.. Postponing ageing for a substantial period of time is the only way we will ever be able to create true equality in this world, cause right now unless you win the birth lottery and are born into money, then you've only got 40-60 years of working life to be able to come close to enjoy luxuries and pleasures of life but for most people currently that simply isn't possible..

    While yes it is hard to say when ageing will be under comprehensive control as that could take centuries, but I do honestly believe that within the next decade or so initial treatments will start to come about that will begin to slow the ageing process and as those treatments improve then so will lifespan so I do hope and believe that most people under the age of 70 today could potentially survive to the point of potentially never dieing.. People hope to go to heaven yet those people will call me nuts for hoping to cure ageing yet we are both just essentially hoping to never die.. Cause what is heaven other than an immortal world where you can't die, it makes more sense to try cure ageing.

  • Age reversal is definently possible and the proof is there. Arguments against are invalid

    I am a researcher on anti-aging, nanotechnology and biotechnology and whilst people think aging is natural - it isn't. There is species on Earth such as the hydra and jellyfish who are biologically immortal and show no signs of aging which proves that aging is not natural - it is neither natural or innatural.

    Aging is the accumulation of damage in the cells and thus results to death. There has been proof that aging is reversible (in mice) and has been conducted by Harvard Medical School where sciencists managed to reverse signs of aging in mice which included their muscle tissue and appearance. Harvard's Scientific Officer, George Church has said that age reversible is plausible.

    Aging has also been reversed by sciencists in Japan in the human cell line.

    Although there is not an exact year where age reversal will become possible, there is a good chance that it is likely possible within the 21st century. But it will become possible eventually. Aubrey de Grey suggests somewhere in the next 20-25 years at a 50% chance.

    For people who think aging is natural and that we all have to die - these are people who are very likely to believe in God and that we all go to heaven - but seriously, I can not see a man with a white beard sitting on a cloud in the sky. So people who think that aging is invetiable - your argument is indeed invalid and idiotic.

  • It's inevitable someday

    If technology continues to progress (absent catastophic war, economic collapse or environmental calamity) then we will inevitably discover the physical causes of ageing and then how to control them. The only question for me is when that is. It could be 20 years or 100 years but I don't doubt it will happen,

  • Aging can be reversed - it has already been proven!

    "Cure" isn't the right word. I don't think we would need a cure for aging as we could just simply reverse it and have an indefinite lifespan. Aging, in the words of Aubrey de Grey is the accumolation of damage in the cells of the human body. Aging can be reversed as it has been proven already in mice and in lab worms.

    Now reading the arguments that people say that age is not curable or reversed and that ageing is a fact of life or that there would be an overpopulation - your wrong!

    1. Ageing is not a fact of life, it is a disease - Many believe that ageing is part of life but it actually causes damage within your body. It causes diseases such as Alzeihmers and cancer to be much more common as you grow older. Ageing is reversable and could be eliminated which would make indefinite lifespans come into effect (and it's not immortality - you will just not die of old age but you could still die if you were hut by a car or facing physical trauma)

    2. Birth rates are actually decreasing - Another controversal argument of near-immortality (indefinite lifespans) is that the world's population will keep rising - but even though birth rates are falling at a decreasing rate and if we have indefinite lifespans, more woman would have children later in life.

    3. It will only be available for the rich - A lot of nonsense - remember there is only a handfull of rich people in the world - and yes I think it will be expensive at first but the companies or organisations which would give rejuvenative threapies would make no profit if every rich person had them! Simply my opinion!

    People normally say that if aging was to be under desisive medical control, we would be immortal - not as this moment in time although it could pave the way to biological immortality (which in the means to not simply die of old age - similar to indefinite lifespans)

    Other sciencists and futurists believe that emerging technologies such as nanotechnology could increase the human lifespan indefiently. There is also research into telomere lengething (as telomeres is what causes aging) which could rejuvenate the human body as well.

    When will it happen? My guess it could be within our reach that aging could be under medical control within 20-30 years from now. Aubrey de Grey believes we could have desisive medical control of aging by 20-25 years at a 50% chance. Ray Kurzweil, futurist and the Director of Enginerring at Google believes that humans could be immortal by 2040 by the use of nanotechnology which would constantly keep repairing our cells and fight against diseases within the human body and defeat aging.

    So in conclusion - yes, aging will be reversable, yes, indefinite lifespans are possible. I think the prospect of immortality would have to wait for now!

  • Optimists make history, not pessimists.

    With the DIY bio movement this research is accelerating fast. Just like we hack computer code, with its binary code, so shall we hack DNA "quadratic code". When the Wright Brothers were taking the historic test flight, the pessimists were saying that it would be 100-300 years before we flew, it was already happening. The Wright Brothers did not have the luxury of data crunching computers or simulators. This technology could be 4-5 years out.

  • Aging should be cured because I want to live forever and never die. And so I don't get age related diseases.

    No because there should be no argument about curing aging because
    its a good thing that aging will be cured. Because I will never age
    I would never get old and I would stay young forever. And because
    I would live forever and I would never die. Never get diseases.

  • To cure aging is impossible

    First of all we should know that aging is not a disease so we can not recover ıt since whıch current diseases are related to aging the answer is noillness. Hypertension and diabete can appear even ın teenagers.Have you ever heard of any immortal cretaure ? Dont take as an example jellyfish .They are proven not to be ımmortal.The sun dıes ,the universe die and you wıll die .

  • Aging can't be stopped.

    The work these scientist will help people live longer healthier lives and their research should be funded more. Treatments for duchesses will improve causing people to live longer.
    Curing aging is a completely different story. Doing research on mice is completely different than on humans and were not even slightly close to curing aging in humans. Even after a few hundred more years we won't even put a dent into curing aging.

  • When? Ever? Maybe. Within the next century or two? Unlikely.

    On a long enough timeline, who knows, anything is possible. But within our lifetimes? Highly unlikely. This is just another example of misplaced optimism in technology. It's no different from 1950s Americans thinking that we'd all be driving flying cars and living on the moon in the year 2000. To say that aging will be cured is a wild claim, and the burden of proof lies with the claimants. Science still hasn't even cured cancer! President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971! Ever since, people have been saying "a cure is right around the corner!" It's not going to happen any time soon. Instead of hoping for a cure for cancer, people should be focusing on prevention. People should be asking, why did only 1 in 20 people get cancer in 1900, and 1 in 10 people got it in the 1940s, and today 1 in 3 get it? Why? And why isn't anybody asking why? And now we're talking about curing aging. It's as ridiculous as curing cancer. Yes, SOMEday it might happen, but that day is a long long way off. Instead of wishful thinking, we should all live in the moment. Enjoy what little time we have on this earth. Live and let live. Love one another.

  • Science Can't Stop Nature

    The aging process is a natural process of cellular deterioration and death. Cells grow, change and die. This is the natural order of life. Scientists cannot prevent cells from undergoing their natural cycle. If they try to alter this natural cycle, cell mutation and cancer is far more likely than the cessation of the aging process.

  • No, it will not.

    I do not think science can or will cure aging. Aging is a natural part of life that every living being needs to take part of. Just because science comes up with new and more interesting ways to make a person look younger, or to seem younger, does not mean they are not aging.

  • Science Will Not Be a “Cure” Aging

    The concept of debate here could very well be centered on one letter. Rewrite the primary word of topic listed here, “cure”, and change the “e” to a “b”, and we will have ourselves an entirely different premise for discussion. Cure? There is simply just not presently a medical cure for the process of aging, even though our modern scientific and medical advances are helping to prolong life, to cure it completely is presently just not a realistic topic for debate. Curb on the other hand is a phenomenon of aging that is going on each and everyday. Someday we may live to be a century and half old or even more, but in the final analysis, we’re biologically going to end up as dust. There’s just no cure for what ages me!

  • No, science will not cure aging.

    There is no "cure" for a fact of life. We are born, we age, we die. Simple as that. If there was a cure for aging, the world would rapidly become over populated. I am sure there is a way to slow down the aging process, but who would really want to? The brain ages and if you have a young body and an old brain, the two don't match.

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