• Yes it will .Religious people are idiots.

    I know a lot of people who believe in God. And it's sickening to me that they don't think logically or analyze facts when it comes to certain topics such as the creation of man more known as evolution. They all,believe a fucking invisible man did it. We are all surrounded by idiots people. You see religion makes people ignorant. It makes people brainwashed into thinking one way. You see there are over 5,000 religions and to that person of any religion let's say for example Christianity they think there religion is right and all others is wrong when in reality all religions are wrong. Religion is a joke to us intelligent people. We know the facts. We have thousands of books written with credible facts and sources that talks about the universe, how it was created, physics, biology, marine science, astronomy. These are examples just to name a few. But what does religion have a book filled with fallacies that talks about slavery, rape, genocide,murder, stealing. Science wins. And all these people cherry pick the good parts from the book of lies and ignore the bad parts. They know what it says but shrug it off. There's a lot of fucking but hurt Christians which pisses me off. Like if you try convincing a Christian bigot with facts, don't they won't listen they will just shout at you and call you a devil worshiper. In short, never talk to religious people. Science always wins and atheists will one day crush religion like a bug. Science is fucking awesome. I know some atheists. You see all atheists including myself are smarter than those nut jobs worshipping their imaginary friend in their little cult houses. Atheists are able to think faster and more clearly than those nut bags. Atheists are calm. Not like religious d bags who get hostile every now and then just because we atheists state true facts. If I were president I would ban religion in the u.S.But that will never happen cuz I'm not president . If there were no religion there would be no religious wars or anything else. Science is the greatest thing in the world. People can either accept it or reject it. But the ones who reject it are fucking idiots.

  • Religion once was used to explain natural phenomenons, science replaced it [partially].

    Religion is used to set good moral values, science will replace it.

    The problem is that moral values are not constants, as religious people think and are almost, if not; impossible to define by using the scientific method.

    Once it's found a method to define those values there's also something science will need to work on: communities and sense of belonging of each individual, which is easier to do.

    Religious groups are strong because they are united and they support each other, the atheist counterpart is more detached, but that's because usually atheist are introverts and therefore spend less time around people.

    I think that's what Scientology is pretending to do... Unite all religions and teach evolution. A religion with no preferences to gods, will hopefully wipe out gods on people's minds.

  • Are we too afraid to leave religion???

    When we have nothing and we are afraid we believe in god. He allows us to sleep at night and no longer be afraid. When we have unanswered questions such as what happens to us when we die we look to god because we are AFRAID. Though there comes a point when we start believing to heavily in this idea that we have created to comfort us, to answer our questions, to be our parent when we grow up. I was brought up that when our dog died she went to 'doggy Heaven' because it was a comforting thought that she was safe, happy. There is no empirical evidence. Our upbringing has changed. In the nature vs nurture argument it is found that only 3% of people believe in religion if both their parents are non religious(new scientist- may) and 50% if both parents are religious. Our world is changing, science had become the new religion. Science is religion

  • We no longer live in the middle ages.

    Religion was invented to try and explain why we are on this Earth, but that is longer necessary. Humanity is smart enough to move beyond religion and learn scientifically why we are here. It is no longer necessary to cling to the indoctrinating ideals of the bible, Qur'an, torah, ect. -although the ideals could be used to build better character- It s now necessary to cling on to modern science so that humanity can move forward into a more advanced age of learning and development.

  • More wishful thinking than certainty though.

    Science is actually based on repeatable, objective, verifiable evidence and is far more useful to the world than religion. Science has given us every aspect of our modern society, and while religion can provide a sense of community or comfort to some, it also causes violence, intolerance, and strife all over the world. It divides humanity.
    There is a reason that religiosity continues to drop in the developed world. With education and access to science and technology comes a decreased need to rely on superstition.

  • Atheism is on the rise, and will likely continue to be

    First world countries around the globe are showing one interesting common trend, and increase in atheism. Not only is science progressing at a faster pace than ever before, it is destroying what most religious people thought to be true. Also, science has the natural ability of staying 'modern', while religion is constantly unchanged failing to meet modern ideals. People are throwing traditional religion out f the window, thinking the bible is a metaphor, that we do not need to go to church etc. Due to this irreligious nature eventually children will become less and less religious. Another factor which greatly contributed to religion being so popular is because people in the past lead less 'luxurious' and more unsure lives. Now that society has developed and we now don not worry for food, housing, water, and other necessities we are becoming less dependent on a god. Therefore developed nations will become mostly atheist (some are even there now such as Sweden). Obviously other underdeveloped or religious extremist nations will be further behind in this. Overall it seems the trend is increasing atheism, with decreasing religious beliefs.

  • Science is logical a priori, religion requires assumptions that may be false

    Science assumes we know nothing inherently and we must learn all we wish to know. That makes sense, it makes no assumptions about humankind's apparent importance on a grand cosmological scale and in fact makes no assumptions about anything that cannot be observed. Religion makes serious assumptions about things that cannot be observed. It assumes that there is a purpose, it assumes that there is importance, but these are probably just constructs of the human mind. There is no reason to assume anything without evidence, other than a petty need to take comfort in assertions that may very well be false. All their arguments revolve around this human "Want" of religion, but the growing number of atheists proves that humanity can exist without empty comfort from unlikely assertions about made-up importance. It's kind of pathetic that one would need to conjure a story to get through their day.

  • Only religious people believe they are more human than the rest of us

    Something like the concept of God may have created reality. However, there isn't enough evidence to support this conclusion. Whether or not we were created by god, we are here and our experience is hard to explain. Many ancient texts assert that a God is the source of our experience, and appeasing that god is the only way experience life most fully. The text also explains how you must behave in order to appease God.
    If you're currently an atheist, meditation is a perfectly good way of learning how to best manage your experience. If you're currently religious, you should already be praying, if you aren't talking in your head or aloud, this is meditation.
    Atheists and theists are the same.

  • Religion is based on old superstitions

    Where a general population has not had access to a modern education, or where economic circumstances repeat cucles of poverty, old religious attitudes prevail. Look at so many muslim countries that suppress women's right to an education and the state they are in. Developed countries that have embraced science and educated their populations have made the most progress. Religious institutions fear science, in the past people have been declared blasphemous heretics for suggesting concepts such as the world is round and not flat. Religion is based on old superstitions from earlier times when most people were illiterate and survived hand to mouth. Some of humanity has moved on, the rest, well, they have yet to develop the abillity to let go of the primitive ways.

  • Gods domain is shrinking soon there will be nothing left

    Gods influence in society has been steadily decreasing since the Industrial Revolution. With every scientific invention life becomes easier. Eventually life will become perfect, free of disease, war, famine, even death. When life becomes perfect no one will need to turn to god and so their spiritual desires will be gone. Also science will steadily disprove things that were once thought be to acts of god such as lighting, earth quakes, fires, plagues, ect. As science answers our questions we no longer need religion to answer them for us

  • Science can't replace Religion.

    I am a half atheist and a half christian. I do believe in god, but nothing everyone on the bible completely. However, as much as I believe in science and religion, those two are bound to be together. One cannot overshadow another. Sure, science can prove almost anything, but it can never explain everything. Science is only a definition of a hypothesis that is accepted generally. However, science is also a part of a belief, and it does not have to power to overthrow religion. It will never replace religion. There are things that are simply cannot be proved by science. All science can to is HOW. This is where religion intervenes and gives us the WHY.

  • Science will not replace religion.

    I don't believe science will replace religion as there will always be things that stay unanswered. Religion takes place of that answered region, providing a sense of comfort for those who feel uneasy not knowing. Religion also has concepts not related to science as well but religion is attached to our culture and will proably not be replaced by science.

  • Science will never replace Religion

    Religion answers many question we may have, and science does a similar thing. Science answers how. Religion answers why. In my opinion science and religion go hand in hand. The more science reveals about this world, the more it can strengthen our faith. The problem arises is that people feel that science answers all of our questions. Like: How we got here. But it does not answer, why we are here, what is the purpose. Religion fills that hole, is explains God's purpose for the world, and why the world is in such a state. Why is the important question. How is interesting, but it's not everything. We need why, and can just add to our amazement. In my opinion Science will never replace religion as long as people are asking why, and religion will never replace science, as long a people ask how.

  • Science is good but religion is head

    Science just unfolds the mysteries in the world, unless scientists create a man from zero or their planet... God still is there and mightier. They clone, from who's master piece? Science is good, helps in solving mysteries but God made them. Who's greater, one who discovers or one who invents?

  • Limitations and the human spirit.

    The ultimate reality of science is that science is a finite investigation of that which humanity can experience. The idea that science can transcend this mortal realm is a bit of a laugh. Science is unable to explain that which is beyond comprehension. In point of fact, science and religion are not at war nor should they ever be. Science and religion were once tied together, it was known as natural philosophy and for a very long time this philosophy was believed to be the language of God. In fact, many scientists still believe this today as they are also believers in faith. Many great achievements have been made in science through religion, through pursuit to verify what we believe, a higher focus if you will. Also, the argument that religion breeds intolerance is merely an ignorant statement as atheism and humanism do exactly the same. Science struggles to stand on a moral ground which it cannot possibly hope to take, great atrocities have taken place in the name of science (neo-Darwinism, eugenics, etc) just as people have in religion, and these atrocities seem to always be carried out by those ignorant of the facts and ideals.
    Also, the precept that religion is merely superstition is a bit of an over-simplification of the facts. Science is unable to prove that religion is false. In fact, many scholars and scientists of the past have used the Bible, and even the Iliad, as a reference for discovery and--holy Toledo--they made a great discovery (the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis), circular earth (Job), revolutions around the sun (Dream of Scipio), the pool of Siloam, etc.). In point of fact, archeology has been dubbed "the Bible's best friend."
    There should be no war between the two fields and there should be no contest. Faith does not hinder knowledge, just as knowledge does not hinder faith. People who are afraid of either are most likely uneducated in the field and should begin an investigation into those realms.
    There is no reason for a person of faith to fear good science, just as there is no reason for a scientist to fear a man of faith. Both are in search of truth.

  • Science will never replace religion

    There are millions of people that believe in God. And science wants them to forget everything they were taught to believe. Science has facts: religion has faith. Science can't hope or faith like religion can. Science helps use understand the world and the universe today. But science will never be able to explain every thing from the past. There are things that God can only answer. If science did try to replace religion there would be millions of people that would try to rebel and would keep on worshiping God.

  • No, science will not replace religion.

    Religion is how people express their spiritual needs and beliefs. Science can be added towards our religion. I am fairly certain there is currently a type of science-like religion right now anyways, and it can continue to grow. Religion will not just go away because we are increasing our scientific knowledge, though.

  • No, it will not.

    Science grows stronger as we learn more, for sure, but that does not mean it will replace religion. People will always have their beliefs and freedom to exercise those beliefs. Religion depends on people to keep having their own thoughts and beliefs. I believe people will always want to believe in something.

  • Science develops constantly, religion does not. Science will catch up eventually.

    Science helps us to understand the Universe and our planet. Religion on the other hand never changes. The only changes that occur to religion such as alterations or new formations of religions, are when scientific discoveries occur. For example our Sun in Ancient Egypt was worshiped. But scientific understanding later in the years tells us what the Sun is, and how it came into existence or why it came into existence.

    So causation is explained through science. We have asked questions in the past about why something exists, and science has provided the answer, and as for the cause of The Big Bang and the explanation of the Multiverse theory (a possible explanation for The Big Bang) we will eventually know about through science and thus I believe science will replace religion by pushing the idea that God caused everything back further and further with more and more scientific evidence. Why belief that God exists when science is clearly the more reliable theory?

    Our minds can never develop and our intelligence cannot evolve without scientific understanding. This understanding will outweigh religion as it is already doing so and has done so in the past, whereas religious ideas have not altered in the slightest.

  • Science and Religion answer two fundamentally different questions.

    Yes, science can explain how the physical world works, but science will never be able to explain WHY the physical world works the way it does (I.E., We might be able to answer how the laws of physics work with science, but we'll never be able to explain why the laws of physics are the way they are). Furthermore, science can't answer why the world is the way it is-only how. Therefore, religion fills a role in society in order to answer unanswerable questions.

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