• Immortality is possible with new technologies being developed such as nanotechnology - and also by rejuvenative medicine

    Sciencists and futurists are predicting that human immortality "could" be achieved by the mid 21st century with new technologies we are discovering, notablly including nanotechnology which would be able to repair damaged cells and tissues within the human body.

    Being immortal would be great but yet can be scary for some - there is people out there who say that Earth would be overpopulated, even though birth rates are declining and is expected to keep declining by the 2020s. People also say that it would be reserved for the rich - remember, there is only a handful of rich people around the world.

    I think before ultimately finding immortality, I think rejuvenative medicine (age reversal) would be developed firstly - in which Aubrey de Grey PhD predicts we will could find at a 50% rate in a 20-25 year timeframe by reversing the effects of old age in humans at a decisive medical control. You would be allowed to re-take rejuvenative threapies once so often which would give you some sort of near-immortality.

    But yes - I do believe (hopefully by 2040-2060) that immortality could be achieved in humans either by nanotechnology, digital mind uploading or continued rejuvenation threapies.

  • I would hope to find immortality

    Personally I am terrified of dying. I've had a near death experience where technically I've died and came back to life and it literally felt like nothing. Once you die, you are nothing, you can't move, you can't think, it's like you never even existed. I believe that, as bill gates once claimed, our brains can be "downloaded" and we can live on computers. But that seems like the only possible answer. Also, I believe in the future, immortality won't be reached, but sort of a way to extend your lifespan, maybe by 100 years maybe by 1000. There's no way to tell until we're there. But also my question is, what happens when the sun burns out, when a meteor crashes into earth. If we're not on Mars there will no longer be life, and in the end what's the point in being immortal? No matter if you live 50 years or 50,000 it will all be the same in the end. The end will come to soon and when it comes there is no way to prepare. No way to accept. You will be nothing, know nothing, unable to think or move or breath. Now this is the first time I've ever put this into words so excuse me for being kind of all over the place and my writing is gumbled up. But it's certantly something to think about. Life is full of questions and thinking and solving and in the end more questions. Endless questions. So what will happen when you can no longer ask questions? Or what happens when there's no one to ask questions to? Or no one to ask the questions themselves?

  • Technically, Science could change our body chemistry to resemble a "young" person

    The human body is made up of living cells, all of which are composed of certain chemicals. A 100 year old has a very different body chemical composition than a 18 year old. Many chemical changes happen during those 82 years to make a "young" person "old", it does not just happen at random. Seeing what medical technology can currently do, like grow tissue from stem cells, I see it inevitable that humanity will defeat "old age" which would mean that there would be "no limit" on how long somebody could live. Most people would consider growing old to not be a fun experience, and if it could be reversed, I am sure that 99 percent of "older" people would take the drug to make their body strong again. People could still die a traumatic death (like being struck by lightning), so death is still a guaranteed end to life, nobody can ever live "forever". However, if science does find a way to turn back the clock, there would likely be people who will live 5,000 to 10,000 years, which would be pretty awesome!

  • Science is close

    Science is on the verge of creating thru nano-tech or thru a special gene that will extend our lives indefinitely. Science has discovered a gene called telomerase which is like the aglet on the end of DNA could hold the key to immortal life. Others believe that the key is in nano-tech which replaces a humans cells allowing for infinite rebuilding.

  • Depends on what you mean by immortality.

    It is impossible to live forever, since there is no forever. We could, however, live a long time. Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of years.

    Some people want to find a way to extend the life of the body. Others want to transfer consciousness from the brain to computer.

    Living forever isn't an F.U. It isn't an attempt to anger your unborn children, since they don't exist.

  • Immortality would be Wonderful

    I look at science and faith both leading to most of humans wanting to be around forever. I see no reason why science or faith in a creator for eternal life could not happen. I personally look to the night sky and see all the vastness of it, and wonder how and why it exists and I really have no answer to this question. Since it is safe to assume since do not have the absolute answer, to me it leaves open the possibility that we might just achieve immortality. Why do I want to be around forever? Simply because I like being around and learning constantly. I love working and playing and could do it all forever. Not everyone wants to be around forever, but I want to. The best scenario would be no aging physically, no death and no sickness.

  • It is inevitable that science one day will discover immortality, if it exists to be discovered.

    Bill Gates once said he believes that someday we will be able to "download"
    a copy of the content of our brains and it may very well be possible one day. The brain is made up of electrical circuits and impulses and if science
    can figure it out with an absolute certainty, immortality could happen!

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Yes,

    I believe its possible that maybe one day we will be able to be come long lived, but not quiet immortal. There was a woman a long time ago that scientists discovered that her cells were perfect and didnt function nor die the same way as regular peoples. They still have her cells today and they are still super healthy and functioning normally. So yeah, I do believe that maybe one day we could become 'immortal' in a way.

  • Immortality Cannot Be Achieved

    My answer to this is very biased as I am a religious man that believes that the purpose of life is to begin and to end. The soul cannot be recharged by any means of science that we have or that we are capable of developing or researching in the near future. Currently, scientists are finding a way to generate life from artificial or from other means than the natural process and have been somewhat effective but not entirely (as they are not able to clone humans). Consider also that the scriptures detail that the average life of a human being has regressed over the past thousands of years. There seems to be no increase in the average span of life and scientists have not been able to stop that regression.

  • But we may delude ourselves into thinking so

    Science could prolong life quite long. We may even delude ourselves into thinking we are in the clear and death can never happen again. But humans (and all science is done by humans) are by nature limited in what we can know and how truly certain(not delusionally 'certain') we can be of something. We could prolong life so long we think we're immortal but then something would come up and then it's back to the drawing board. We could even live for thousands less likely but possible millions of years before running into any problems.

  • Highly unlikely, and scary to think about.

    Immortality, in my opinion, is the worst kind of pride and selfish nature a human can think about. Life is meant to die, it is meant to decay and be renewed. To live forever is like saying "I am better then all of you. So I deserve eternity. "What kind of mad prick would want to live forever? Death should be embraced when the time comes. Everyone should welcome death and not be afraid of it. The reason why immortality scares me so much is the people who want to live forever. Rich people, politicians, warlords, drug lords; would you honestly want these power-hungry bastards to rule for eternity? To never face death at the edge of justice's blade? There will always be evil, and there will always be good to combat it, and thank the Maker (or whatever created us) for that balance.

  • Science has already proven this is impossible with existing theories.

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Science has already proven that, so there's no way to create perpetual motion or energy. Not only that, science is not seeking a means to this end, as most people do not want to compromise their religious and cultural morals in order to be immortal.

    Posted by: EarlyIgnacio74

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