Will scientists' attempts to decimate the populations of disease-carrying mosquitoes via genetic modification be successful?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Dengue fever is so excruciating that it is often called the “bone breaker,” causing severe pain in the joints and abdomen, vomiting, and circulatory system failure. It’s nearly impossible to treat, so the only way to cut down on incidences of the disease is to decrease the number of mosquitoes that carry it. One startling effective way to do that: genetically modifying mosquitos so their offspring won't survive. A year-long trial with genetically modified mosquitoes in northeast Brazil has been the most successful yet, reducing the population of the disease-carrying insects by 95 percent.

  • Yes, scientists will eventually be able to reduce mosquito populations

    While still probably in the early stages of development, genetic modification does seem to be a promising avenue for drastically reducing disease-carrying mosquiotes. However, researchers need to keep in mind that it may be possible for disease-carrying mosquitoes to adapt to the situation, e.g., populating other areas not inhabitated by them or 'cannibalise' the genetically engineered ones.

  • Yes, it will be successful

    Because so many deadly illnesses are carried through mosquitoes, scientists have devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources to find a solution to identify and arrest the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes. With such resources and with such an incentive to cure multiple diseases through this solutions, I have no doubt that eventually there can be a genetic modification treatment.

  • Much investment for little benefit

    Scientific research is costly. I don't see how genetically modifying mosquitoes can really have a lasting impact on the huge population of mosquitoes. For one, I believe the process has many risks to the environment. think it would be of greater advantage to find a solution that would actually eradicate all mosquitoes or find methods of controlling their presence.

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