Will scientists ever be able to piece together humanity’s origins?

  • They Already Have, To A Large Extent

    Scientists and anthropologists have pieced together humanity's origins. We have an extensive fossil record that shows a very clear progression from species to species, all the way back to our common ancestor with modern chimpanzees and bonobos. We know that we came from Australopithecus Afarensis, which is the species that the famous Lucy belong to.

  • It's actually fairly easy.

    All a person needs to do is to look at the Bible. All of the facts are right in front of your nose if you are willing to look. The problem lies not in incomplete factual evidence, but in inability to see reason. If a person was to read the Bible looking for anything that it says about how the universe works, they would find no fault in it. During times of scientific darkness the church just said that the Bible must be being metaphorical where it did not line up with the most commonly held views. Now that science has advanced we are able to see that there is not one thing in the Bible that doesn't line up with the scientific reality. The only thing that is not commonly accepted is that the world was created by an all powerful God, and that macro evolution doesn't exist.

  • So much new technology and DNA studies

    There will always be one person out there that can crack that code. One day with all the new DNA technologies we have today the scientists will piece our humanities origins together. Its not a question of if we will ever know our origins, its a question of will we believe what we find out.

  • History is not science.

    History is NOT SCIENCE. You can not use the scientific method on history, because it says that to be proved as true, an event has to be proved over and over and over again with little to no variance. Creation or Evolution, we can not see it happen today over and over and over again. The origin of man is history, not science.

  • Probably no

    In some ways this is not a question science can answer. Science can tell us that we share ninety nine and whatever percentage of our DNA with the apes, but that does not yet prove that we came from apes. Even if we assume that humans are nothing but advanced apes, we still possess intellect, will, and self-awareness to a degree not seen in any other creature on earth. We may share much of our genetic material with animals, but we are different in kind and not just degree from the animals.

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