Will scientists ever discover ways to harness the mind psionicly, or are psionic abilities purely fiction?

Asked by: yetifivepecks
  • Anything is possible

    I agree with yetfivepecks, humanity used to believe submarines were impossible, only for them to become reality. I think it's fair to say the same reasoning can apply for psychic abilities. Thousands of years of human evolution and we still have much to discover about human potential. The idea of supernatural powers greatly enthralls me.

  • Agree With Both

    I think its a definite possibility, as you guys have said advances in technology are just amazing, and as a matter of a fact there was a university doing studies on a machine that can detect your electrical brainwaves and convert it through to voice much like your text to speech "Microsoft Sam" does for word, still in very early stages but hey who knows could be just round the corner!

  • Almost anything is possible. The technologies that we take for granted today would have been unthinkable only 100 years ago.

    Like I said, technology has been advancing rapidly in the last several decades. Only a hundred years ago people would never have imagined computers, but today we take them for granted. Assuming that technology advances at a similar rate, there is no telling what we will be able to achieve in the future.

  • Not if only relying on the brain

    Yes, nobody thought that technology to the extent that we poses today would be possible. However, these advances that nobody believed were possible that the pro side states do not defy physics. Psionic abilities defy physics and because of this, will no be possible. Some proponents of Psionic abilities say that humans do not use 100% of their brain. This is obviously ignorant and untrue. No matter how hard we try, telekinesis will never be possible if relying purely on the human mind. Maybe technology a couple hundred years from now may make something similar possible but the mind and the mind alone can not defy physics

  • Psyonics has been pretty much debunked, as has the science of Parapsychology that created the term:

    People have tried to promote psychic powers such as Uri Geller and others, but all tests have rendered them as deceptions only. Rupert Sheldrake (goose) tried to foist his Morphonic Resonance hypothesis of a universal consciousness and was found to be absolute nonsense, there does not appear to be any power greater than those detected by electrodes attached to the brains already.
    We can measure brain activity, but none of those activities can be deemed psychic.
    A piece of paper or dust particles movable by extremely weak static fields and slight movements of air molecules cannot be moved by the human mind. There is no power to tap into.

  • Yes, and no.

    There are been no reliable evidence to show that psychic abilities actually exist. The people who claim to have some sort of psychic abilities are just charlatans. There are a number of ways to fool someone.

    The reason why it could be "Yes" is because it is possible that science could advance to the point where they could connect something to a persons brain to read the thoughts. Then a second person may be connected to something that receives the thoughts. In a way, it would act similar to a walkie talkie but implanted in the brain. In a way, the device could turn people into psychics but only to those who also have the implant.

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