Will SeaWorld be the same without Orcas, probably their biggest stars?

  • Seaworld Loves Their Killer Whales,

    The trainers at Seaworld don't beat their Whales or Dolphins, they care for them, they love them. Seaworld wouldn't be the same if they didn't have their Killer Whales. Many people have also been stating that they beat the Killer Whales into doing tricks, which they don't do. Many people have also stated that when a Whale performs badly, they don't feed it, but they feed their whales, in between shows/when they aren't performing.

  • No seaworld wouldnt be the same without them

    People come from far and wide only to visit Orcas the whales their star attraction. Their population seem to be in danger due to the "whale-sex" laws that have been prevailing. If these whales the Orcas arent there in Seaworld , the Seaworld would not be the same for sure

  • SeaWorld will not be the same.

    Placing mammals in a small tank to perform for smaller mammals in a theater is wrong. SeaWorld never should have done it in the first place. Roller coasters and water shows should be enough entertainment in the state of Florida. Torturing Orcas until they perform should be a legal offense and the people of SeaWorld should be jailed for it.

  • I certainly hope not

    Sea worlds activities are barbaric and inhumane. And I had the intelligence to come to that conclusion on my own long before Black Fish was made (no criticism of Black Fish, it is an excellent film). How anyone can condone keeping the whales in captivity is a complete disgrace.

    I read somewhere that seaworld's profits had decreased by 86%, and to be honest it brought a smile to my face. I hope it bankrupts them and then the dolphins can be released into the wild as well.

  • Sea world orcas

    The amusement park sea world will not be the same because they have been the main attraction they have help them live to there full potential and for that its been good for time the one that die it because there old of age or they have just lost there mind moving them form place to place and protesters why dont u all go to alaska and see t6hem there and let people have there fun in sea world like damn

  • SeaWorld will not be the same.

    SeaWorld will not be the same. This is because once they get rid of their biggest stars people's motivation for coming will be different. Perhaps there won't be as many crowds or as many oohs and aahs, or as many families coming to the resort. I think they will replace the orcas with another animal and eventually get their followers back.

  • They are why you go to Sea World

    When people think of Sea World, they think of these animals. The people who go to Sea World make it clear that they don't care whether they have the breeding program or not. People should be able to vote with their dollar. There is nothing wrong with domesticated fish or mammal fish as long as they are well taken care of. If anything, it was helping to keep this species of animal alive.

  • They can never recover

    Thanks to a misinformed public audience, Blackfish is going to cause one of the greatest champions for animal rights to lose everything. The orcas are what made Seaworld. They inspired generations of people to learn about marine life, and they gave many people an experience that many people cannot get anywhere else. Now, because people are too stupid to find evidence to contradict what they hear, Seaworld has been bashed and berated by morons with no understanding of what they do. They may be able to educate people, but without the orcas, I don't see Seaworld being able to thrive off of other sources.

    Rest in Peace, Seaworld

  • And i could not be happier!!! :)

    Sea World is one of the most disgusting places when it comes to the treatment of animals. The lifespan of the Orcas that were kept there was decreased DRAMATICALLY. The whales were just completely stripped from their environments and brought into captivity. Now, a kid wouldn't understand this, when a child goes to Sea World, they are there to see the beauty in the animals that are there, but an adult should be able to see how disgusting Sea World is. I couldn't be happier to hear that the Orca "exhibit" is being shut down. Hopefully eventually, Sea World can be shut down for good. <3

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