• Yes, Cars should exist

    1.2 million people die from car accidents, most of it comes from human error. A self driving car can eliminate 90% of the deaths from car accidents. If an elderly woman is driving, and her glasses fall off, she can't see the other objects on the road. Thus, causing an accident. Car accidents will still happen, but at least most of it can be eliminated from a self driving car.

  • Yes, It's the future

    I mean, its not even "Ultra high tech" or something like that. It's just cars driving by them selves, and since we're in the future, I'm sure that it will take care of the other things that u guys might be worried about. Such as cars killing a child?
    Wouldn't there be a camera to detect if there's someone on the road?

  • Yes they will

    This definitely not just a fab. Self-driving cars are here and google is already testing them to put them on the market. They work considerably well and have very few crashes. When they do have a crash it is normally when the human is in manual mode or another car bumps a self-driving car.

  • The Cars can sense Children and Dogs

    I have researched this topic, and there are special sensors that scan the area around them, about 40 miles in every direction. The car would tell if there were any people or animals around. Besides, the cars won't be out till around 201-2020, so the cars will still be tested, and the sensors will most likely get better.

  • It would help older

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  • Would kids be able to driv

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  • I think so

    I support the self driving cars because it will save an average of 3 hours(a guesstimate) of our lives spent on driving a resultless activity.. This will cause human productivity to go up. This will also eliminate the factor of human mistake making driving more safe. It may also help make mobile business a reality. So, please hurry up I can't wait to spend reading my favorite books on my long driving trips.

  • By 2020 I wouldn't be surprised.

    Google already has their self-driving car, and it has driven 300,000 miles. They are legal in three states and many others are working to get them legal. At least by 2030, self driving cars will be so common they will basically be legal everywhere. The technology is there, we just need the legalization and right when that happens they'll be out for consumers. They are 15 times safer then human drivers. The future has endless possibility, and I believe that at some point we will see this on the roads.

  • Yes, of course.

    Self-driving cars are going to happen. We have our technology increasing what feels like every second, and new and intelligent inventors working on some crazy things we never thought would be possible. They have already come out with self parking cars (parallel parking) so I would not be surprised if they come out with self-driving cars at least in the next 10 years.

  • Self driving cars will become a reality.

    Absolutely, we will have self-driving cars at some point in the future. We already have the technology to allow a car to self parallel park, so driving will become possible as well. It's hard to say at what true depth a car will "drive its self" but I can envision car ports that allow you to enter a self-drive roadway with your car, program in the parameters of the destination, and allow your car to take to you there.

  • Dead pedestrian = winning?

    Thought all those expensive sensors could at least detect a pedestrian at night. Lol. Currently, number of miles driven and the number of deaths by self driving cars means human drivers kill less people than self driving cars. Self driving cars are a fad and a way to attract investor money to keep the lights on at Tesla. Don't be the last one to catch a falling knife. Peace.

  • No, too many different situations and conditions.

    There are so many issues that have not been thought through carefully. Will self driving cars really work in a blinding snowstorm on a back country road? Can they anticipate situations involving many variables? For example - a situation where a road crew has coned off (or not!) a lane to make emergency repairs. The same situation may also have bad weather conditions. One of the biggest issues is that current driving involves a fair amount of human nature, mainly aggression - and a self driving car cannot possibly detect this and compensate for it. Possibly if ALL cars were self driving, and we rebuilt the highway system to install all the sensors needed, it might work. Why don't we talk all the billions we're currently spending on self driving cars, and develop a good high speed rail system? This is a proven technology. Another big obstacle is that most people LOVE to drive - the auto industry is centered around our emotional connection to driving and this mindset will be difficult to change.

  • Only Safety Assist will be truly feasible

    With the combined effectiveness of an alert human driver and the safety features of automatic sensors, the safety could be enhanced. Many people, will be reluctant to get into a car in complete "auto pilot". It will be easy to replace bad drivers with self driving cars, but good drivers will be difficult to replace. There will be major slow downs and traffic jams with 'driverless" cars getting confused.

  • Not in the way people think

    The complexity of getting something to work automatically in all situations and weathers for several years means that automated self drive cars will only operate in limited, well controlled areas in the beginning. Maybe in 20-30 years the technology and communications infrastructure will have reached a point where they will be standard on our roads, but not in 4 years time.

  • Will self driving cars become a reality?

    Nothing ever works out like it is supposed to. Computers fail,parts wear,malfunctions increase with the age of the machine
    I work on automated industrial machines and they are often a nightmare. The cost of maintenance would extremely high
    Imagine and old worn-out self driving car on the road
    They won't all be new forever. Also imagine if they are shared like public transit people will not take care of them. They will puke,piss,spit,and spill or smoke who knows what I'm them.

  • No no no

    Because they are only do what they are programed to do. What if there was a situation for example that in on road there was a car coming towards them and on the other there was a family crossing the road. What will happen. If it stops it will get hit by the oncoming car, however if it moves out the way it will hit whoever is crossing the road. I know this circumstance is very unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Think about it.

  • Half and half

    I think the self driving technology will be an addition to automobiles and used primarily in highly populated areas as a safety measure and used much like cruise control today meaning that it can be turned off or on. I doubt that society will willingly give up the ability to control their vehicles manually. Machines including computerized machines fail regularly if not more so. In a manually driven vehicle, a person can finesse a broken vehicle just enough farther to get to the next exit or paycheck. That probably won't be the case with a car that relies on a multitude of logic circuits and sensors. But more so, it is a matter of choice. People like a choice so I doubt the steering wheel will be replaced by and automated system any time soon.

  • Nope, never! Use your head.

    Self driving cars can't predict the weather, they can't see the dog or child about to run into the road. Automobile manufacturers make a ton of money selling you parts to fix your damaged vehicle after an accident. Millions of people like delivery drivers, auto body techs, parts manufacturers, cab drivers etc etc etc... Would all be out of work. Systems can and will be hacked. The insurance companies wouldn't be able to charge you a premium to insure your car. If the car does crash who's liable, I would assume the manufacturer and they're not going to open them selves up to those kind of lawsuits. States make tons of money for motor vehicle violations if you can't write tickets then where's the money coming from, get ready for a huge tax increase. Unions will lobby against this. People will be reluctant to give up there ability to drive, and I enjoy driving why would you want to take that a way. What about motorcyclists? I ride because I like to ride how would these cars work with vehicles that aren't automated? Has your computer ever crashed? Mine does all the time so does my phone, why would these be any different? Our infrastructure is not built for automated cars, what happens when there's construction or roadwork? How would emergency vehicles work they need to move at a high rate of speed and maneuver around traffic and obstacles. I could keep going on and on like this pointing out the obvious problems with it but I'll just leave it at that.

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