Will self-reliant communities repeat old mistakes?

  • Humans repeat the same mistakes every 20 to 50 years.

    Self-reliant communities repeat old mistakes because history says that society tends to make the same mistakes repeatedly every 20 to 50 years. If this is the case then even a self-reliant group of people will fail, simply because they are human. There is perhaps no way around this unless teaching is created that specifically targets the prevention of past mistakes.

  • No they won't

    No they won't repeat old mistakes because you learn from the past. They might make some new mistakes trying this. But they will be okay with this and they will make their communities stronger than in the past. Look at the Amish they are totally self reliant and they have survived.

  • It Is a Possibility

    I believe there is a possibility that self-reliant communities will repeat old mistakes, but they have a lot of information available to them. I think members of these communities have the right intentions and I think they have a lot of history to refer to, to avoid such problems. I feel they are less likely to repeat mistakes in today's world.

  • They can try for better.

    No, self-reliant communities will not repeat old mistakes, because they might have a vision. A self-reliant community can try to do a better job by forming a good plan and having consistent rules. They do not necessarily have to repeat mistakes if they make up their mind to do a better job and run their community efficiently.

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