• Yes, Serena Williams will win at the Australian Open.

    Serena Williams seemed to be in a slump in her tennis career. Now, with each game she wins, she gathers up her old strength and stamina. Serena is showing us that she is still an outstanding player. As Serena regains her confidence on the court, she is sure to win both her solid reputation and the game at the Australian Open.

  • Serena Williams will win the Austrailian Open

    I believe Serena Williams will win the Australian Open. She has been on a roll for the last year and I believe this momentum will help propel her to another win. She may be older but she is healthy, in shape, and constantly training. Her maturity also helps with her mindset and she is better able to prepare herself for a game like this.

  • When does she ever lose?

    What does Serena Williams not ever win? I guess only the "Most Feminine Athlete Body Award". She wins everything because she is at least twice as strong as any of her competitors, although not nearly as talented as most of them. In my honest opinion, she should be competing against man.

  • Serena Williams has a strong chance of winning the Australian Open

    Serena Williams start the 2015 tennis season as the #1 ranked woman's player. She ended the year maintaining that #1 ranking. She won 3 of out of the 4 major tournaments and made it to the semi-finals at the US Open. Coming off such a strong year with limited injuries, it is easy to assume that Serena will make a good run at the Australian Open and has a strong chance of winning the first major tournament of 2016.

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