Will sex education bring down teen pregnancy cases?

  • It can prepare them or even stop them

    Teens are under pressure because of what they hear but if they knew what it really was and what it can do, they might take a second and reconsider. Preparing them in high school can also prepare them for life and when the time comes they will know how to be safe.

  • Sex Education Can Reduce Pregnancy in Teens

    If handled properly, sex education can bring down teen pregnancy cases. Schools need to teach a mix of abstinence and contraception so that students can make an informed decision. It's important to teach about the dangers of teen pregnancies and how this event can impact a person for the rest of their life.

  • Teenagers need to know

    Some might find it distasteful that schools teach sex education and have considered the possibility of handing out condoms to students, but sometimes children don't do what their parents want to do and one of those things is experiment with sexuality. Students need to learn how to approach sexuality safely and healthily and sex education is the best way to do so.

  • Hopefully it will.

    Even though teen pregnancy is a subject that will probably always be around; however, the purpose of sexual education class is to make young people aware of the risks of unprotected sex. Hopefully this class will continue to give them the education they need and possibly reduce teen pregnancy issues.

  • Yes. i believe sex education will bring down teen pregnancy cases.

    Yes. I believe sex education will bring down teen pregnancy cases, because sex education will educate teens on the responsibilities, and consequences of having a child at a young age. I believe this will undoubtedly change the minds, and actions of teens in this area of life, and give them the knowledge to make better decisions.

  • Yes, it will bring down the amount of pregnant high school students.

    High school students that are going to have sex are going to have sex even if they aren't in a sex ed class. Sex ed doesn't teach kids to have sex it teaches kids to use protection if they are going to have sex. I know a high school student that have gotten pregnant because they had sex and didn't know that is how you get pregnant these two students also didn't know what a condom was for if you hadn't guessed they didn't take sex ed.

  • Yes,sex education will bring down teen pregnancy rates

    Yes,sex education will bring down teen pregnancy rates.In most instances education improves any type of social problem and this is true with teen pregnancy.If teen girls and boys know the various ways that pregnancy can be prevented they are more likely to take advantage of them before they have an accident they can't go back on.

  • No they will still have sex

    I do not think sex education will affect teen pregnancy positively or negatively. Kids will be kids and if they choose to have sex at a younger age education is not going to stop them from doing so. They may be more aware of protection but if they don't have it it is not going to stop them.

  • They just will want to try more things...

    When you tell a teen not to have sex because they can get pregnant, they will just want to see the outcome, or see if they will really become pregnant. It is just as you are telling a small child not to do certain things, they will still do it just to find out the outcome.

  • Kids Are Going To Be Kids

    Just because you are going to give them education about it doesn't mean that they are not going to do it. The only thing that will change is that hey are going to be more precocious about it. Teens aren't stupid they just do what they want. They will learn their lesson one day.

  • Teens don't live under rocks.

    It may come as a surprise to some,but teenagers are not stupid. They know that sex can lead to pregnancy and mass media focuses so much on issues including contraception and sexually transmitted diseases that to almost all teenagers, mandatory sex ed classes are a redundant waste of class time.

  • No, not by much.

    In most cases, sex education is helpful but probably will not do a lot to bring down the teen pregnancy rate. What will bring them down is a combination of the facts along with a lot of support and love and hope for the future coming from the adults in the teen girls' lives.

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