• Sexism is an issue!

    Sexism is an issue today women and men are discriminated by their genders. I believe that women are more discriminated by than men because people believe that we are weak and that we can't perform the jobs that men can but that is not true women can do just as good a job as men can.

  • Where there are different sexes there will be sexism

    Yes. There will always be males and females and they have their differences and these difference do no change. We get used to one another and we tolerate some of each others annoying habits, but in the end the thoughts in the back of the mind of the different sexes are still there.

  • Sadly Yes..

    As bad as this sounds.. Religion is the main issue with sexism in the world today. Old world doctrines were governed by men. As long as people are raised based on these older moral models of society there will always be a lesser view for the females of the human race.

  • Sexism will always be an issue to all Societies!

    Sadly Yes. Sexism will always be a problem for all countries. Right now things seem to be leaning towards the better side in regards to this topic however there may be a time when the man feel they are not being treated equally especially are Military men. Yes we have Military women, but we have many more thousands who are being looked upon in a sexist way if you ask me. I also strongly feel that pay will always be a sexist issue to all societies. Men are suppose to be providers, and it would be nice to say that both men, and women are treated equal when it comes to pay but this is not the case. Men can do harder more demanding physical labor because they are made to.

  • Unfortunately yes

    Unfortunately, yes I think sexism will always be an issue in this society. I think that it may get better and could get worse. I think both of those comes in waves, depending on what is going on in the country. I would hope that it would go away completely but am realistic and know that it will not.

  • Yes it will be an issue

    But it can become a much smaller issue for us to deal with going forward.

    The country has became more divide in recent years but that trend may change soon sexism is an ugly part of what goes on in our country but as men learn that women are able to be in the workplace and do just as high a level of work as men are able to do those old views may drop from our memories slowly but surely.

  • Eventually.. .. ...

    I think that eventually it wont be a problem anymore, look back a few hundred tears and it was very different, as time passes the world is becoming more and more womanized. There should, on the other hand, always be things like opening the door for women, giving up your seat to them, and etc.

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