• The government, schools, workplaces and the media should be doing much more to heap shame and humiliation on the obese.

    Let’s be clear, in 99.99% of cases obesity is caused by greed and laziness: getting fat is a matter of personal choice; just like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol is. However, the obese are arguing that smoking and drinking to excess are unhealthy and antisocial, gorging on junk food while slobbing about on the couch for hour after hour, day after day, to the point where their bodies resemble big piles of sweating blubber, should be considered socially acceptable.

    Obesity is the biggest health problem facing society today and I don’t agree that it should be co9nsidered socially acceptable and, while I accept that shaming paedophiles hasn’t eradicated child sex abuse, and publically disgracing the obese won’t eradicate obesity, it will go a long way to help.

  • Fat-shaming can eliminate obesity

    If feminists are put in jail and shamed for encouraging others to be fat man haters like them then obesity will be eliminated!

    Research has shown that fat shaming only affects the eating habbits of those who are fat meaning fat shaming does not increase the number of people who are obese. The growing number of obese people are caused by feminist movements like fat acceptance. Shaming fat man haters is the only way to stop more healthy young women believing that being fat is beautiful, and think stupid things like "men should not judge me by my cover" which lead them to hating men and being fat.

    Fat feminists may become fatter when depressed but not because of fat shamers but rather due to them blaming fat shamers in the same way they blame anything to deny responsibility for their own health in order to feel better about their eating habbits.

    If fat feminists actually learnt to respect other people they wouldn't be fat. This can be achieved by more people fat shaming women so they accept reality and take responsibility. Then men would be more motivated to live healthier because at present, there are just too many ugly feminists who lie about wanting relationships etc to get an ego boost.

  • No not eliminate

    Some people love being defiant and those people will even make a point out of getting fat just because it is shamed. Furthermore, some people have diseases where if they did eat less enough to avoid obesity they would die of malnutrition. Anyone else even if you have a disease that makes losing weight uncomfortable but not impossible really has no excuse (you don't want to be a slave to your comfort, do you?) unless you want to be fat in which case go for it, it's your lifestyle choice.

  • You Can't Be Serious.

    The fact someone would think the solution to an issue like obesity is to shame that person is so juvenile it's ridiculous. A stranger's physical appearance has nothing to do with you and not only commenting but SHAMING them for looking like they do is totally out of bounds. Would you shame a stranger on the bus for having a big nose because he didn't get plastic surgery?

  • Shaming increases the problem.

    Recent studies show that negative ads about obesity actually depress overweight people, make them feel hopeless ad encourage them to overeat.

    Other new research demonstrates how dieting increases ghrelin, the hunger hormone by three times as much and it stays elevated for over a year. This explains why almost 100% of people who lose a substantial amount of weight, regain it plus more, within three years.

    It's clear: Shaming leads to binging in most people. Shaming leads to serious dieting in a few others but that, in turn, leads to rebound weight gain.

    Everyone, including doctors, should just shut-up about our weight until they have some real answers to the problem.

  • Evidence indicates the opposite.

    Studies on psychology and sociology have shown exactly the opposite- that shaming and belittling heavy people actually makes them even HEAVIER. Since weight gain is often related to depression, bullying, and other issues of low self worth, all you do is create a vicious circle by trying to shame those individuals who are overweight.

  • Of Course Not

    It's a real shame seeing this everywhere on the television. If people wanted to eliminate obesity, they would shut up and make healthier food (without announcing it like it's the next best thing since sliced bread).

    The fact that people actually thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

  • Obesity is not always an eating disorder

    While more often than not, obese people do have an eating disorder, some of them have a genetic predisposition to it. Furthermore, some become obese as a side effect of something else (e.G. Lack of physical activity that results from partial paralysis). While these cases may be the minority, shaming the people in question would not make them skinny, as they do not have any say in the effects their disorders have on their bodies.

  • This concept is up there with shaming teens for pimples.

    It's none of your business if someone is fat. You don't know why someone is fat. It very likely is for reasons beyond the person's control. If you answered this question with a "Yes," you are probably the kind of person who tells a kid to go wash their face when they have pimples, because you have no understanding of science and like to bully people. Shaming works for nobody, so stop it.

  • Is this a serious question?

    Even if one for the sake of argument ignored the obese people who gained weight as a result of medication, poor recovery from an injury, or genetic roles in weight gain, the question still assumes that shaming fat people will make them change. Has bullying and harassment ever helped anyone improve? No. While I agree that a healthy weight does boil down to personal responsibility, and I don't think political correctness should ever reach a point where everyone thinks obesity is just fine, shaming (aka bullying) people is only going to further their self destruction. Many people are emotional eaters, many overweight people have low self esteem, particularly about their size. Harassment is only going to make them think that it is hopeless- that they will always be a cow/whale/porker etc. and give up entirely on healthy goals for the small comfort food brings.

    I hope the people asking the question( and responding yes) are simply misinformed, instead of outright malicious.

  • Shame on you

    If shaming obese people is okay then i guess its okay to abuse people and animals or make fun of the mentally ill. Shamimg the obese will just making the depressed which will most likely end in two ways. Either getting depressed and then commiting suicide or them becoming anoxexic or bonemic. And in my personal opinion neither of thoses seem right

  • No, i doubt it

    Although it is possible that it could work, it's completely unethical and immoral. People who are bigger are already judged by people. Most people who are overweight know that and have probably being told by a doctor about their dangerous lifestyle so why publicly shame fat people, i know people who are obese who have serious self esteem issues because of their weight.

    Posted by: kh24

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