• Yes, he may

    He certainly has a very strong chance. Out of all the competition, he is who I would like to see win. He has really come through a lot and I think he deserves it not only as a competitor but just as a person. I hope he brings it all home.

  • U.S. Open winner already decided and it's Shane Lowry

    Shane Lowry is a young Irish golfer who has already impressed us all with his incredible skill. Now the time has come for the U.S. Open 2016, an important competition in the golfing world. I think that Lowry will indeed take home the prize just because he is so talented.

  • No, Shane Lowery will not win the US Open

    Prior to knowing the results yesterday, Shawn Lowery shouldn't have been expected to win the US Open. He needs a little bit more time to develop his game more professionally and focus on gaining more consistent wins. He is not where he should be if he wants to win the US Open but in the future, he may have the possibility to win the US Open. His game should be more consistent and more developed.

  • No, Shane Lowry will not win the U.S. Open

    The golfer Shane Lowry was defeated by Dustin Johnson even though Lowry had a four stroke advantage at the top of the game. The blow for Lowry was evident in his worst round of the tournament and finished three strokes behind. On any given day, the prediction of the game winner can be very difficult due to all the variables of golf.

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