Will soccer become as popular in the USA as it is in Europe?

  • Its Better Than All Other Sports

    We need something to replace american football because soccer actually makes sense being called football because you use mainly your feet. Baseball is kinda boring and hockey isnt real big down south. But soccer could become popular all over the country! And IMO it is the most suspenseful sport where a team can win off of extra time or in a penalty shootout.

  • Current viewership has doubled in the last ten years

    More people is watching the US play in the world cup. The US has advanced into the knockout rounds, signaling a huge improvement in their skills. This improvement is likely to make other Americans play the sport. There is a good chance that we will see the sport grow in the nearby future

  • Yes, you can feel the change in the air.

    Every four years at World Cup time we soccer fans say "Soccer will be The Next Big Thing" but then it dies down. What has happened instead over the last four decades is we have seen steady, incremental growth in the popularity of the sport, and with this World Cup it has finally reached a tipping point. Now, everywhere I go I hear about soccer. Little old ladies say they watch the EPL. Kids play FIFA video games. Twenty and thirty-somethings consider it "cool." Families go to soccer games together the way generations past went to baseball games---they are affordable and fun, and the kids understand the game because they've played it. More kids are registered to play soccer than any other sport. People are discovering what the rest of the world has known for a long time, and their enthusiasm is spreading with the help of social media. In previous World Cups there was a lot of wishful thinking on the part of us soccer cheerleaders, hoping to see it take over. But now I believe it has really come to pass---you can feel it in the air. Soccer has become mainstream. It's only a matter of time, a couple of decades (at most), before it is as popular here as in Europe. The money will flow in this direction and top players of the world will jump at the chance to play here because people like living in America.

  • Absolutely, and the world will be a better place for it

    Soccer is fast becoming the sport of choice in the United States. New York will have another MLS team next year, which is will be owned by Manchester City and the New York Yankees. If an American institution like the Yankees are investing big time in soccer, you know it is only a matter of time. The owners of the Boston Red Sox already own Liverpool F.C which is the most storied team in English soccer. The world is changing for good and forever.

  • Yes, it will.

    European football is becoming more popular. The American team is getting better in the World Cup. They have J├╝gen as a coach, the world cannot say Americans can't play football any more when they beat Ghana in 2014 World Cup. And has chance becoming the World Cup champions. The sport is really popular among kids. No other sport in America as a World Cup. Not a lot countries play American football. European football is cheaper anyone can play it.

  • World Cup Sucess

    The U.S. national team is doing better and better on the international stage earning respect from other countries and have recently broken into the top 15 in the world rankings. I believe if they continue to do well on the international stage the people of the U.S will notice it and more and more people will want to play soccer bringing more talent into the sport.

  • A Changing America

    The sports landscape of America is shifting. With the explosion in population of Latinos and the immigration of people from other cultures (most of which love soccer), the game will only become more popular. Baseball is losing popularity, and football really is already at its peak. Soccer has so much room to go, and the youth of today favor it. With more broadcasting coverage and the Internet, people can follow it better. One day, it will be as big here as it is in Europe

  • Yes, Give "Soccernomics" a read.

    The MLS has recently passed the NBA, putting it in 3rd for average attendance, behind the MLB and the NFL. As each generation progresses, soccer's popularity has continued to increase. With increased exposure to the world's top talents, and the younger generation's appreciation of "the sport, the beautiful game" rather than "the score, only winning and losing," it is only a matter of time. One or two more generations, and it will be rivaling the NFL. Look at the MLB. In 1994, statistics pointed that it was just as popular as the NFL. Two generation cycles later, and its popularity has dropped. It's only a matter of time.

  • Concussions and media

    Eventually America will learn that playing football can significantly shorten ones life. Most ex-pro football players die in there 50's. Soccer is less of a risk for concussions and overall injuries. Thus it will grow faster than football.Also the media are finally catching on, the World Cup and the EPL are very popular among Americans today with huge network signings from NBC and fox the game will grow even faster.

  • US Soccer Future

    Yes its inevitable, its the only true global sport and its the most inclusive ie size of athlete is irrelevant they just have to be super fit, have stamina to run nonstop for 2x45 minutes and have natural skills to use both left and right foot and everywhere on their body bar the hands and arms. Once more generations understand the sport more will follow it, despite rugby union and rugby league, cricket, basketball etc existing soccer or its proper name football is still the most popular sport around the world and its already been massively popular in the US but the Depression killed it and Rugby so it can and is making a comeback.

  • No, because Americans are just no good at it, and don't have what it takes.

    I love playing and watching soccer. But, it will take a long time for it to become popular, because Americans in general prefer sports that focus more on short attention spans (basically, scoring as many points as possible). Plus, the athleticism required in this sport turns a lot of people off in this country.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • I doubt soccer will ever achieve the popularity in America that it has across the pond, because our existing sports are too well-established.

    Americans do like soccer and the MLS (Major League Soccer) is popular amongst some who live in the United States. But, the four major sports as they are called (Football, Baseball, Basketball & Hockey) are too well-established to be challenged by soccer. Many Americans see soccer as a kid's game, and not up to the quality of the other leagues. It's possible that, in the future, people in the States will warm up to this European favorite but, so far, it's viewed as a game, not a sport. Soccer will need to make some changes if it's to be taken seriously. The field of play is too big. The game should be called "Marathon Ball". Americans just think soccer is silly, and that it's just for kids.

    Posted by: R0d30Karl
  • I hope it will never happen!

    Soccer doesn't stand a chance to become the top sport in USA. It will be always overshadowed by baseball, American football, basketball, hockey, etc...

    Baseball is America's pastime and many generations grew up on it. It's legend. Baseball is invented in USA. It's a lot better than soccer. Baseball is for smart and requires a lot of strategic thinking, good reflexes, more skills and it's unpredictable. On the other hand, soccer is so boring because action is rarely good even in European soccer, it's predictable and it's just boring to watch two teams non-stop running left-right and failing to score the goal. It also pisses me off how the soccer players run around after scoring goals, celebrating. Idiots!

  • Not men's soccer

    Surprisingly, us Americans don't hate soccer. Most of us have probably played it as a kid, and we are very supportive of our Women's National Team. I think the biggest issue soccer has is that it has a lot of flopping, there are too many ties, and there is not enough scoring. Soccer will get more popular, but it will never surpass baseball, basketball, or hockey.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Soccer will never become as popular in the USA as in Europe because too many people here are drawn to the other sports we have here.

    To many people here really love baseball and football which are not very popular out there. Even with the melting pot here in the USA, there will never really be enough interest in soccer to surpass the interest that there is in those two sports here. Soccer may come close to those two sports, but it will never pass it.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Soccer will never become as popular in the USA as it is in Europe, because the USA has too many viable alternatives.

    Soccer will never become as popular in the USA as it is in Europe, because the USA has too many viable alternatives. Soccer is popular in Europe and third world countries because it requires very little equipment. In the United States, this is not a problem. Schools provide sports equipment, and sports equipment is readily available.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Don't expect soccer to become as popular in the U.S. as it is in Europe, because it is too firmly rooted in European culture, not ours.

    If you believed that professional sports were only sports, then you might have a good case for the belief that soccer might some day be as popular in the U.S. as it is in Europe. Because professional sports have very strong cultural and economic elements tied with the sport, it is very unlikely that soccer will attain high levels of popularity in the U.S. As a sport, soccer is doing very well. In many parts of the country, the number of children playing soccer dwarfs the number of children playing popular sports, such as football, baseball, or basketball. But, in terms of cultural influence and the resultant economic impact, soccer is barely noticeable in the U.S. People who aren't even fans of baseball or football routinely get together with friends to watch professional games. Such gatherings occur also for soccer games. But, most of those in attendance are people who grew up in countries where soccer is very popular.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • European football, or I should say "soccer", will never become as popular in the United States as it is in Europe, as it differs greatly from what Americans consider/refer to as "football".

    American football, unlike "soccer", is truly an American sport and deeply ingrained in American culture. Very few cultures have been able to adapt and master the American game of football. Americans view football as a man's game that requires strength, courage, agility, speed, intelligence, and determination. In contrast, European soccer is viewed as a third-world sport, wherein anyone can master the game and compete on the national level. The game of soccer itself does not require much of the individuals that actually play the game. It can be played without shoes or even an actual soccer ball. American football, on the other hand, cannot, and it's indigenous to American society and culture. The game originated here, and continues to be dominated by Americans. European soccer, in contrast, is not dominated by Europeans, but other non-European countries and players. Very few Americans, if any, would be willing to pay to watch a sporting event where no Americans are dominating the playing field.

    Posted by: FlashyGrady98
  • No, not nearly

    Soccer is just Europe's "thing". Sure they have other sports that they like to focus on, but the only team sport that Europeans are consistently dominant in is soccer, so that's all they really focus on. America has the big 4 sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey) that are its 4 most popular sports. Soccer is probably number 5, and it doesn't seem like it's going to overtake basketball or hockey, ESPECIALLY not baseball or football any time soon, or ever.

  • Soccer will never be as popular in the USA as long as we have American football.

    Soccer has been very popular in Europe for a very long time compared to the United States. The teams and leagues in Europe are very well established and have a strong fan base. American football has been the favorite sport in the United States for many years, and before that it was baseball. As long as these sports, along with basketball, are around soccer does not stand a chance. Few fans would switch from watching other more popular sports to start watching soccer.

    Posted by: AmuckAlonso49

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Nl9200 says2014-08-08T05:37:47.723
No because Americans are not good at it and they never will be. The USA will never win a World Cup....Just being honest.