• In the long run, probably

    It all goes to the argument of concussions and the physical damage it does to youth. Boxing used to be a huge sport in the U.S. Now it is barely ever talked about .The reason being the amount of harm it caused youth. As football continues, kids younger and younger will start to be more and more damaged, and the effects will be documented. Parents will not want their son having mental issues later in life because he suffered 3 concussions during middle school football. Soccer is slowly growing in the U.S. and the physical issues involved are less serious since they typically do not involve concussions. Once football is found to truly damage young people for their entire life, football will diminish while soccer will never have a reason to stop growing.

  • Yes, soccer will soon become more popular than football

    Thanks - or, is it no thanks - to 'Concussion', the movie that brought out the work of Dr. Bennet Omalu on the real dangers of contact sports, of which American Football is among the top.

    Many Americans are becoming more aware of the impact of football on the long-term health of their children and have started to question the safety of the game. With soccer already being a more global sport, more and more Americans are thought to soon encourage their children to play more soccer in school instead of football.

  • Most likely not

    While football will probably not be the most popular sport in America forever I do not think that soccer is next in line to take over. I think that basketball and baseball have a better chance of that honestly. The culture of America is wildly different than the rest of the world which is why we like more action packed sports.

  • No, soccer will not become more popular than football in the US.

    No, soccer will not become more popular than football in the US because there is not enough scoring. American sports fans want to see offense. Soccer does not have enough opportunities for points. If the rules were changed, many more people would be interested. But it is not even close yet.

  • No, football won't lose to a soccer

    No, football will never lose it's spot in heart of the Americans to the soccer. That is because football is, besides baseball, one of the main American symbols. Granted, soccer will perhaps be more popular than basketball and hockey in the future, but football and baseball will never lose it's number one spots.

  • Football is an American classic.

    While the popularity of soccer has definitely risen in recent years, I do not believe that it will become more popular than football in the United States. Football is an American classic that has been enjoyed from generations to generation. I think it will remain the favorite sport among Americans.

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