Will social networking bring enormous changes in the way children are educated?

  • Changes have already started.

    Social networking has already changed the way people socialize. It is not uncommon to meet friends online. Social networking makes it easy to connect with people who share similar interests. The next logical step is to change the way children are educated. Computer skills are a must when they were not required for previous generations. Children no longer need to learn cursive because they can sign items electronically. Computer networking has made a huge change for the world.

  • Yes, it's already doing that.

    The fact that children can find friends and information from all over the world at their finger tips and the fact that not much is a secret anymore is making our kids older at younger ages and able to do research that most adults could have never imagined doing in previous years.

  • Social networking changes everything.

    Much like the movie "HER" technology will revolutionize our world more than it has already. We will see fundamental changes in the way we exist and the way we interact with each other. I have no doubts in my mind that the way we educate our young will change entirely.

  • No, social networking will not impact education.

    While social networking has definitely changed the way children communicate with one another, such as writing in text messaging shorthand and typing to communicate, it should not and hopefully will not impact the way they are taught in a traditional school setting. We have seen it do so a bit, in that schools are no longer thinking cursive is important. But, hopefully it won't change education in any other ways than that.

  • I don't see any big changes happening.

    I'll admit that I'm not very forward-thinking when it comes to things like this. As a result, I can't really understand or see how social networking is going to change the face of education. It might make it easier for parents and children to interact with the school, but at a basic level, homework is still just homework.

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