• On its own, no, but with the way we're using it, absolutely.

    Social Security works well as a solitary system, but since other areas of government keep borrowing money from Social Security and making no apparent movement towards paying it back, there's no way Social Security can be sustained until retirement (unless you're right there on the verge). Social Security's money should stay with Social Security. Especially with the baby boomer generation retiring, they need every penny they collect.

  • Yes, Social Security will run out before we retire.

    Yes, it has becoming glaringly evident that Social Security will run out before we retire. Social Security was designed to help a generation of Americans who were only living to a certain age over seventy years ago. People are living much longer now, and end up collecting more retirement money. Social Security will run out soon.

  • There is a strong possibility that social security will run out.

    With the way the country's economy is headed, I believe that many social security benefits will expire and will cease to be given before the current generation of young men and women retire. Given the state of the economy as well as the state of America's growing debt that numbers in the trillions, there is a scary possibility that social security may run out.

  • Social security is limited.

    Unless something is done to raise the amount of money in the US's Social Security fund, it will be depleted by the time the Millennial generation retires. Back when Social Security was implemented, the life expectancy was lower, and thus, people weren't dependent for so long on the benefits. We need to take this into account and raise the amount of benefits we take or the retirement age.

  • Unless you break it, SS can not run out of money.

    Money going out to SS receivers is not built up money. It is funded directly by collecting workers income right now. As long as there are people employed, Social security can not run out of money. As long as there is more working people the retired people SS can not run out of money.

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