• I have no faith in this generation

    Narsacism is the most rewarded trait. People in politics and power are sociopaths and millions of people are so lonely and miserable due to social media. Trust is dead, i see no hope for this generation. I say let Rome burn while i personally dodge the rubble. Soon the human spirit of love and empathy will go extinct and we shall devolve back to the violent apes we once were.

  • Yes, society will eventually be its own downfall.

    Western society is, at the present time, wholly degenerate and uncouth. Perhaps in a few decades, all morals and notions will be reduced into a single narcissistic fervor, and all hope for a better way of life will be lost forever. Let's pray (and hope) that that day never comes.

  • Society is ever-changing

    I don't think that this question can be answered without taking into account that society is constantly evolving from its past forms. There will always be some semblance of society so long as people exist. Society adapts based on current situations and ideologies. I believe that society is self-sustaining in this way.

  • No, because we have learned from past mistakes.

    In the past, every great empire has gotten too big, too heavy to support its own weight. Today, we have learned from the past, and our great countries have democracy. Because of this, we are ruled by the people, and so the foundations of change are built in. In the USA, we elect a new president every 4 year. We have learned that despotism and monarchies do not work, and so our society can roll with the changes and evolve to meet an ever-changing world.

  • No - society will change before it destroys itself.

    Society, as a group of people tied together by common ancestry or current affiliations, is a changeable entity. Society bends. Society evolves. To say that society will be its own downfall is similar to saying that society would, as a living being, commit suicide, and while ultimately possible, the distributed responsibility of human cooperation makes this effectively impossible.

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