• Yes, someone will win the huge jackpot

    When the prize for the Mega Millions jackpot goes up, it is naturally that more people go out and buy tickets. With the increase in sales of tickets, it seems likely that someone will in fact win the huge jackpot of $508 million dollars. The publicity created by the larger than normal prize makes people more likely to purchase a ticket.

  • Yes, someone will win the Mega Millions in the next drawing

    It is my opinion that someone is going to win in the July 8th drawing for the Mega Millions. Typically, when such a high payout doesn't have a winner in the first drawing, more people will purchase lottery tickets on the off chance they receive even partial winnings in the next drawing.

  • Yes, I think someone will win the jackpot in the next drawing.

    Yes, I think someone will win the $508 million jackpot in the next Mega Millions drawing. It is already historically high, and it is unlikely to continue growing for much longer before someone wins it. It will probably be won by several people who will have to split the winnings.

  • No, the Mega Millions jackpot will remain untouched

    The odds are astronomical that anyone will win the jackpot. The fact that it continues to rise does not mean that someone has to win it. Statistically, it could rise indefinitely and it is more likely that nobody would ever win the jackpot. While many of us would love to win it, loving does not equate to reality.

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