• Hopefully i have faith it will turn blue!!

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  • Yes, South Carolina will become a blue state.

    Yes, South Carolina will become a blue state eventually. History has shown us that states do not stay red or blue forever. It may not be in the near future but one day South Carolina will turn blue as more people become open minded and progressive. At least socially anyway, as South Carolina may always be red when it comes to economics.

  • Yes, I could see South Carolina becoming a blue state.

    With the recent shift in demographics and general weakness of the GOP in general at the current time I could see South Carolina eventually turning into a blue state, I think the GOP will always have a deep rooted presence because it has been a red state for a long time though.

  • Don't See It

    Demographic changes aren't going to do it, As there has yet to be a race that has been competitive. People need to realize South Carolina is more than just Charleston. Also Horry County is where a lot of the demographic change is taking place, Yet it is becoming MORE RED according to the data.

  • Demographic shift will not turn SC blue

    Though many states in the south are undergoing a strong demographic shift in which minorities, who tend to vote for Democrats, are replacing an aging white community that tends to vote for Republican candidates, South Carolina is bucking the trend. Without an influx of Democratic-leaning communities, South Carolina will not trend blue for a long while.

  • No, South Carolina will not become a blue state.

    I do not believe that South Carolina will ever become a blue state. I think the state has a demographic that is just way too traditional and conservative in their values to ever become a blue state. South Carolina will always be a red state with people who are republicans.

  • They are too red.

    No, South Carolina will not become a blue state, because there are very, very conservative traditions in South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have too much pride in their roots to allow the principles of Virginia to creep into their state. South Carolina will hold true to its principles and its Confederate roots.

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