Will South Park "Stick Of Truth" become an all-time classic game (yes) or will it just be a fad (no)?

  • Yes, South Park's Stick Of Truth game will be a classic.

    I think that the South Park Stick Of Truth video game will become an all-time classic. It is a video game that a lot of people have been looking forward to for a while. I think that some early reviews of the game have suggested that it is going to be good.

  • No: Sout Park's "Stick of Truth" is a Fad

    The world we live in is changing more rapidly than people understand. War, economic instability, and climate break down are creating the kind of scenarios that will sweep over societies like a tidal wave, rendering notions like "all time classic" video games absurd. Games like Stick of Truth, if they are remembered at all, will be viewed as a kind of callous and narcissistic cultural relic of a system gone off the rails.

  • I think South Park "Stick Of Truth" will just be a fad.

    I think South Park "Stick Of Truth" will just be a fad. South Park "Stick of Truth" is a game that is based on the pretentious cartoon South Park. Although a lot of the characters and themes in the "Stick of Truth" game are found in the cartoon, I believe that as the show ages so will the content of the video game, and the game will not be as entertaining once it becomes aged. This game will just be a fad and not become a classic video game.

  • South Park "Stick of Truth" will not become an all-time classic game

    It is my opinion that the South Park game "Stick of Truth" will not become an all-time classic video game. The audience of the show South Park may be large, but the number of people that are familiar enough with the show to play the game will not be enough to earn "stick of truth" the title of an all-time classic game.

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