• They will win with ease

    Spain will win the next World Cup because they simply have the squad for it. All the Spanish stars include Chelsea inform striker Fernando Torres, David Silva, David Villa, Iker Casillas, Iniesta, Xavi and many more. This outstanding squad is not only capable of winning major competitions several times in a row, but they can also be established as the greatest trophy winning squad of all time.

  • Yes they will.

    Spain will win the next World Cup. Between their team and coaches, they have everything it takes to make the wind. From dominating in the past to their great team spirit, they will leave all of the other teams behind and competing for second place, while they enjoy the top prize.

  • Spain Will Win It All

    Spain will be the winner of the next World Cup. They have a great team with the pieces to get the job done. Also, they have great coaching staff that will have them prepared and ready to succeed. They're head and above the competition in my opinion. Everyone else is playing for second.

  • Yes, Spain will win the next World Cup

    Spain, while not an all star cast, has tremendous coaching and in my opinion have always had the best understanding of the game itself. They are always front runners for the World Cup for a reason. They have dominated the sport and will continue to do so for years to come.

  • Spain is the best soccer team so far.

    Spain doesn't have the best players, but as a team they are the best in my opinion. They cooperate so well together maybe because its a team made up of only two teams; Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Germans also have quality players and also play well as a team, but not nearly as good as the Spanish.

  • Spain will struggle

    I think Spain despite being defenders and one ot the favourites to win the trophy once again will this time struggle. Fair enough Spain play like Barcelona doing short passes but some players like Xavi, Villa and even Torres are veterans and if Del Bosque plays with no forwards like at Euro 2012 Spain are in danger of even not making it out the group stages. Del Bosque is making a gamble putting trust in Casillas as he has all but lost his place other than the Champions League as Real Madrid 's no.1 custodian to Lopez. If I was Del Bosque I would make Pepe Reina Spain's no.1 for the World Cup seeing how Valdes is out due to injury. Plus I would make Pique the captain as well. To be honest either Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Uruguary or even Columbia have a better chance of winning. Spain in recent years showed signs of slipping up including embarrasing defeats to South Africa and Chilie. Plus to sum it up Spain lost to Brazil in the conferdations final last year. And further more Spain face the Netherlands in their opening game and they will want revenge for the 2010 final defeat. If Spain finish second and get punished by playing Brazil then it is in my opinion over for them.

  • No, cheaters never prosper.

    That pack of dirty, cheating, flamenco-dancing, paella-chomping, sherry-sipping nancy boys only win games by diving in the penalty box and by feigning tackles to deceive the referee into awarding free kicks in their favour. Let’s make no mistake, the Spanish team are a pack of unadulterated, unmitigated SCUMBAGS who, even though they may progress through to the latter stages of the tournament by cheating, will be exposed as the dirty tricksters they really are by a team with real talent that can actually play football and doesn’t have to rely on snidey, underhand, unsporting tactics to succeed.

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