• McCarthy improves with each film

    Melissa McCarthy improves with each film she makes. This is because her talent gets more refined every time. While she is known as primarily a TV actress, Melissa McCarthy serves as a great and comedic film actress too. I think Spy will be the best movie I've seen her in.

  • McCarthy's spy film will cement her comedic legacy

    Since 2010, Melissa McCarthy has become one of Hollywood's favorite funny ladies thanks to her roles on the TV show Mike & Molly and movies such as Bridesmaids and The Heat. McCarthy's talent continues to land her leading roles in many box office comedy hits. Her latest movie Spy is set to be released soon and shows McCarthy trying to become a spy while bumbling her way through an undercover mission with her partner, played by action star Jason Statham. Based on the previews, it appears McCarthy will have another hit on her hands and will prove that female comedians such as herself are taking over Hollywood.

  • This movie looks horrible

    Melissa McCarthy seems to be taking the Adam Sandler method to acting, but doing so in a less appealing way. Sandler played the same character repeatedly for the better part of 10 years. At times this was successful and funny but at other times it was terrible. McCarthy is doing the same thing however, the vast majority of the time it is terrible.

  • Spy will be a mediocre performer at the box office and is not going to be one of Melissa McCarthy's best films.

    Melissa McCarthy seems to have captured the obese American public's attention. She plays to the lowest common denominator and lowers the bar of what quality comedy is. With the upcoming release of "Spy" she is going for another stroke at low-brow. The film will achieve solid finaicial success but will not be considered her greatest film.

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