• Yes, They will.

    Yes, I think that Starbucks will be "the willy wonka of coffee" I personally love starbucks so much, I just cannot fit it into my budget everyday. I do also enjoy tim hortons and believe that they are really up close behind starbucks but ultimitely starbucks has way better coffeee.

  • Willy wonka had a monopoly that starbucks could never have.

    Be it real wonka or film wonka everyone knows what the good candy was because it had the brand willy wonka.

    Coffee lovers have very different tastes then the candy loving children. They also don't always have the deepest of pockets. At home coffee is much cheaper and even the bucks brand at home coffee is expensive. People have cheaper options OR higher quality options. There are too many brands for starbucks to monopolise.

  • Starbucks has no ethics

    Starbucks may have outlets nearly everywhere, but people use them because they are convenient and have no choice. The quality is mediocre and the prices are high and the service impersonal. The success is based on the location of their outlets, not the quality of their products. They maybe expanding, but their reputation is poor even though they maybe a globally recognized brand.

  • Not everyone likes Starbucks

    Even thought Starbucks is a leader in coffee it has some competition too. Like bigby coffee and tim hortons. Not everyone likes Starbucks either, I dont. There prices are too high too. But I don't think it will become the monopoly if coffee. There is just other choices in the world.

  • Starbucks will never be "the Willy Wonka of coffee".

    Starbucks is increasingly being known as a generic chain coffee-shop, without any particular personality or critically renowned quality. Willy Wonka is not only a world-renowned brand, but is known for exceptional quality and ingenuity with regards to new kinds of candy. Starbucks will never be known as "the Willy Wonka of coffee".

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o0jeannie0o says2014-12-06T23:47:32.260
I also would like to point out a movie about starbucks coffee would suck!