• Starbucks is growing fast

    Starbucks seems to appear in every corner you turn to in the US, more people have access to their stores because its within a walking distance to their house or office. Starbucks continue to open more stores and exceed expectations as they've massively grown in sales within the past 4years in the US. Starbucks will also continue to grow especially as they remain in the forefront with the new innovation of mobile payment, giving customers a marvellous experience with easy payment option.

  • Yes it will grow

    Starbucks is one of the best global brands in the world. As coffee is addicing and everyone loves it. In addition to that starbucks started openning in all developing countries and industralized countries too. This is leading to huge success to the company as it is increasing the shops. Also, in all the arab countries Alshaye3, which is the biggest company and is owned by a prince, owns starbucks and all arabians are addicted to starbucks with its awsome taste of coffee. So thats why i think that starbucks will always keep growing

  • Yes it will

    Starbucks will grow and grow because people love coffee. Not only do they love their coffee but they also enjoy the status they receive from going to Starbucks. Starbucks is the Whole Foods of coffee. Just going in their signifies that the person has money. They have so much money they can throw it away on a $5 cup of mediocre coffee.

  • Yes, Starbucks will absolutely continue to grow.

    Starbucks is easily one of the most successful global brands of the last couple of decades, and whenever this is the case for a company, the question naturally arises as to whether or not it can continue to grow at such a pace. With Starbucks, I believe that the answer is a resounding yes. These days everyone has to work like a madman just to keep apace, and Starbucks can help facilitate that sort of lifestyle.

  • No, with the increasing availability of Starbucks alternatives, the business is unlikely to continue to grow.

    Each day, newer and less expensive alternatives are becoming available. While the cost of living is on the rise, more and more people are searching for ways to cut back and save money while still enjoying the things that they love. Convenience is also a major factor in choosing which businesses to frequent and until Starbucks offers a drive-thru at every location, they will continue to be bypassed for simpler options such as Dunkin Donuts or McDonald's that offers quick service from the comfort of your own vehicle.

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