Will Steve Harvey's career be hurt from accidentally announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe?

  • Steve Harvey's career will suffer

    Making a mistake like Steve Harvey did during the Miss Universe contest will have an affect on his future career. I am certain he will not be asked to return and it will be a long-running joke among the public. Although it was a simple mistake, the popularity of the event and the result of the misstep are the only things people will remember about the show or Steve. People will most likely not remember the contestants who were involved, but they will connect him negatively to the event.

  • Yes, his career will be negatively impacted.

    I think that while the mishap will lead to a ton of media coverage, accidentally announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe will ultimately hurt his career in the long run after all the hype dies down. I have not a single doubt in my mind that he will never be invited to host a live telivised event again.

  • Some Fallout likely

    Yes, Steve Harvey's career will probably take a hit from his accidental announcement of the wrong winner of Miss Universe. A mistake like that, while understandable, has serious consequences for the event one is hosting. Likely, Harvey will find it difficult to get other hosting jobs for awhile, but his career crosses many aspects of the entertainment world and he will likely continue to work for years to come.

  • Mr. Harvey don't quit your day job!

    I doubt Mr. Harvey will be asked to host the show in the future.

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  • Steve Harvey will be just fine

    Steve Harvey is a wonderful and charming guy. People will forgive him. He is a lot of fun on Family Feud. It was an honest mistake that anyone could have done. Perhaps, he will not be invited to the next Miss Universe, but I am sure he can weather it.

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