• Steve Jobs makes Apple what it is

    Steve Jobs is an iconic persona whose innovations broke records for Apple. This will go a long way toward securing Apple's future, at least until the next great innovator makes a name for himself. In today's market, brand recognition is everything, and as we all know, Steve Jobs is part of that brand.

  • Apple Will Falter If They Stray From Steve Jobs' Vision

    Steve Jobs' had a unique form of genius for developing and creating new products and actually reinventing industries. As a result, under his management, Apple grew to become one of the most successful tech companies in history. Now that Apple has a new CEO, they must continue to follow Job's vision because that is what consumers have come to expect from Apple - a continuing stream of cutting edge products. So long as they stick with that vision, consumers who are currently loyal to Apple will remain so. If they attempt different strategies, however, consumers will be confused and disappointed and take their business elsewhere. Samsung is waiting in the wings.

  • Tim Cook's leadership of Apple is different than Steve Jobs, but no less successful.

    Steve Job's vision changed the world. As a co-founder of Apple and the co-designer of the original Mac, Job's grew the Cupertino tech company into a world-wide sensation. Tim Cook's leadership shows great successes. There is no need to believe that Cook's straying from Job's vision will hurt Apple. If anything, Cook has delievered some of the best and most popular Apple products to date.

  • No, stray from Steve Jobs' vision

    Steve Jobs had a vision, and he was successful with his vision. Now that he is gone it is time to elaborate on that vision with those who are in power. To be entrepreneurial, one must see opportunities abound, Steve Jobs was that, he created a need for something no one knew they needed.

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