Will streaming music ever be a sustainable business?

  • Everyone likes music.

    No matter how you receive music, it will become popular. The music industry is very large due to the supply and demand. There is not a person on Earth who does not like music, so more than likely streaming music will be a sustainable business due to it being linked to the music business!

  • I'd say so.

    I think that there is always a way for a business to succeed, if they are offering a product that is attractive to a large number of consumers. I think that the streaming music business is no different. With the right services at a good price, it can be a money maker.

  • Why Not Streaming Music Too?

    Broadcast television and radio has survived for years. There is every reason to believe that internet streaming has the potential to reach even an larger audience. A world wide audience. Advertisers are going to want to talk to that audience just as much as they did for radio and broadcast TV.

  • There Will Always Be A Way

    There will always be away around paying for music in this technological age. If a person looks, they can see that is the case over the past decade or more. Peer to peer gets shut down, and torrents pop up. If the recording industry shuts torrents down, people will just find another way.

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