Will stricter gun laws negatively affect gun manufacturing businesses?

  • ... Will making someone sell less, make him revive less profit? ... Yeah.

    I am a firm believer that providing firearms to civilians, is generally a wrong thing to do in almost all chases. In any other chases than to counter attack an alien invasion or something as ridiculous, giving tools for killing to people, only leads to problems. So... Lets hope the gun laws gets striker around the world now.

  • Less people will be buying the guns

    When you put into place stricter guns laws, you will see a decrease in guns being manufactured and sold. If you have more rules to who can buy a gun and what kind of gun that they buy, there is going to be a affect all around. People will buy underground guns that are older.

  • I certainly hope so

    I certainly hope that stricter gun laws end up affecting gun manufacturing negatively, in fact, I really hope that one day all gun manufacturers are forced to shut down their business because no one buys their really dangerous products, that don't do anything else but harm inocent people on a daily basis.

  • Certainly not. Boon time for wall street is what it will be!

    Nobody buys more guns then the government, and they will have to buy many more once they try to take the citizens ability to protect themselves away. It will be a boon time for the big business gun manufacturers, as the government will be the one buying all the product.

  • People want their guns.

    The only people who don't support gun ownership are the people who don't want us to have guns at all. People who want to own guns will go through whatever steps they have to in order to comply with the regulations to own a gun. The gun manufacturing businesses will survive because of a loyal customer base.

  • Manufacturing businesses should not target local people.

    No, stricter gun laws do not affect gun manufacturing business. Laws are for the safer society. Government, organization or people who are in need of gun can follow the process to take the gun. Rather, the laws provide safer place live in. Manufacturing businesse can charge large cost for the gun. Guns that can end the life of someone should cost more. Similarly, manufacturing businesses may not target individual as the customer.

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