• The government wants them here.

    First, American citizens need to gain back control of America and the government. Obama wants illegal’s here. More votes for his cronies and he thinks it will help our economy. However, how much do we pay for crimes in American that are caused by illegals? A great deal of money and of course, that money goes to the hands of our government. It does not come back to us. We are the ones who have to put up with them, yet the our government gets the money. Obama wants Mexicans here intentionally to harm us is what I read in a news article. Obama wants Mexican's to take us over. No, American's have lost their control on our country thanks to the government. I live in Colorado, I cannot believe how many illegals live here, and they have little to nil respect for anyone or anything. They are thieves, murders, etc. Many Americans have been murdered by illegals. Mexican's are violent people. I do not know why. If they do not get what they want, they resort to violence. They are a slobby class of people. They literally leave a mess everywhere they go. Then they wonder why we are disgusted with them when they murder, steal, and so much more. What good are they in our country? They are worthless people and yes, I have an attitude about them because they caused my attitude towards them because of their behaviors. I have two illegal’s living next door to me. Nearly every weekend there are fights in their place where people walk out bloody. I want to turn them into Homeland Security, but will it do any good? The government wants them here so I am sure nothing would be done if I turned them in. These neighbors think everyone owes them. I do not owe them a thing when they have no respect for others. If illegals were to read any of our posts, I am sure with their low intellect they would never understand what we are saying. No, the first thing that has to be done is change our government’s behaviors towards us. Our own government is kind of like Mexican’s. They have no regard for American’s. They want to take advantage of us. They think everything should be handed to them just as Mexican’s do. Maybe that is a sign that our government really are like Mexican’s. Then we hear of Mexican’s are big drug lords and are causing all the problems in America. There is more to that. It is not only drugs. That is a ruse to get us to believe it is all caused by drugs. These people have no morals is what it comes down to.

  • Yes, Stricter control will reduce illegal immigration.

    I do not believe in building a walls, and policing the miles and miles of borders, this is not the way to go.
    First, they have to punish the employer for hiring, and punish Visa abuse. Second they need to end birthright citizenship.
    Do not raise limits on current Visa programs, we need to first enforce the rules of those programs. Those programs are full of abuse, bringing in cheaper labor, taking away jobs from equally or better skilled American workers. For the purpose of company profits, they usually do this though outsourcing. Clean up those programs of this abuse before any cap is lifted.
    I see in my area and very large underground of home services, cleaning , painting , lawn, roofing, etc, they get paid in cash or personal checks. These are under the table business. How can we bring them out above board? The cost to taxpayers for food stamps, medical, and education.
    If someone wanted to do these services above board he would have to take a lot less for his services, because of the benefits and taxes he would have to pay.
    How can we start to fix this?

  • We need to batten down the hatches people!

    With stricter border control and stricter checkpoint rules and regulations, we CAN help to further prevent illegal immigrants from sneaking into our country. Maybe there will be somewhat less privacy for us at borders and checkpoints (mandatory confirmation of nationality, seeing some form of I.D., etc.), but it will be worth the risk if we can better prevent illegal immigration!

  • Need to take care of our own.

    If we can stop them from coming n illegaly that takes care of the problem in our economy. I can't find a job because there are too many people out there willing to work for less.....An amount no one could possibly support a family on. If we strengthen our borders that will at lest keep us from giving them money for being able to get across.

  • It may reduce it, but it won't get rig of it all together

    I understand why people may feel that the immigrants should stay but our economy is already struggling and its not helping if these illegal immigrants come to our country and take away opportunities provided for U.S. citizens. I may seem harsh to just deport these immigrants but if the don't pay taxes and don't take the time to become a citizen it's no t fair to U.S. citizens

  • Provided it does enough

    Stricter control needs to suntan several items. It must prevent the entry of illegals into the country i.e. border security. It must allow local police to identify and detail illegals for deportation by ins. It must change toe 14th amendment which was never intended to be an anchor baby magnet. And it must remove incentives for illegals to come her. No anchor babies, no welfare etc. The message must be sent that if you come here illegally you will be deported.

  • Yes, Control the Border!

    My heart truly bleed for the individuals that are suffering abuse from drug cartels and sex traffickers. Their country refuses to protect their citizens! These individuals need to direct their anger towards their leaders for failure to protect. Why are you mad at Americans who do not want to allow you in our country! If the parents are paying several thousand dollar to a smuggler to assist in smuggle their children to the U.S Border- traveling threw the dangerous parts of Mexico- why dont the just all move to safer part of Mexico?? There are several reasons why I think AMerican needs to have stricter and more secure borders I live in a city that borders Mexico- Since moving Here, I can see now how important it for congress to act and make stricter laws regarding the border and enforce deportation!!. I can not find work here and suffer horrible discriminated because I am a white American who does not speak Spanish. My children are teased with racist comments daily at school! Economically , We have not fully recovered from the recession and yet we want to allow and pay for 40,000-50,000 plus illegal immigrant in to our system. Paying their health care, school,food, housing all the while they take our jobs?? There will not be anything left for OUR OWN children!!!--- and if we dont go along with this they we are referred to as RACIST!! The Crime rate will go up. Mexico has been over taken by Drug Cartels and Sex trafficers-- Where do you think the majority of Drugs in America come from?? Dont think its already leaking into AMerica- do a quick engine search! Obama invites immigrants here because of the votes- dont believe me ?? When obama ran for the 2nd term- most American voters did not vote for him to be reelected. He only won by electoral Votes!! Again, I am truly sorry for those children- But what really sadness me is to think- What the future hold for the American children??

  • Yes it would.

    Yes, more significant restrictions on Illegal Immigration would result in decreased numbers of Illegal residents within the US. Currently the rights that Illegal Immigrants receive in our nation are superior to a lot of the rights many of the Immigrants had in their former countries. There will always be Illegal Immigrants coming into the US because there will always be people looking for better opportunity. Despite this with more aggressive Illegal Immigration laws it would be more difficult for Illegals to come into America. If it is more difficult to illegally immigrate to the US then less Illegals will attempt to come into the US which would make the problem less significant.

  • I would imagine

    Even though I think immigrants will continue to sneak their way into our country regardless of how strict the immigration laws eventually become, I would like to think that this would be the case. If they really crack down on illegal immigration then it could help make it a more natural process.

  • Stricter immigration control will reduce illegal immigration.

    If there are stricter controls on immigration, illegal entry into the country will get lower. Not only will the police be able to catch more illegal immigrants, but potential illegal immigrants will be discouraged from attempting the trip. If there are stricter penalties against illegal immigrants, immigration will appear less attractive.

  • Yes they should be allowed

    Just because they come doesn't mean they aren't like everyone else. Their all human beings just like everyone else. Immigrants shouldn't be treated differently. What if you had a relative that couldn't come??? And he crossed the border you would treat him nice since you know him but i don think we should be judging immigrants because at the end we are all the same

  • It attacks other immigrants

    Stricter immigration laws would only have a negative effect on immigrants who just want to have a better life in the U.S. More pressure would be put on them, and unlike citizens of the U.S, their tiny mistakes can be used against them in a court case. The immigration laws are already too strict for immigrants, especially the detaining process for those who did very little to harm a community. The immigration laws need to be less strict in order to maintain well being to the innocent immigrants.

  • No, it won't.

    No, I believe that stricter immigration control will increase illegal immigration. If people have a hard time getting in legally, they will just resort to the easier way, which in this case would be sneaking across the border. Most of the people who try to get into the States know that they are not able to get through legally.

  • It will just make enforcement more expensive.

    No, stricter immigration control will not reduce illegal immigration. When an illegal immigrant has the will and the drive to get to the United States, no matter what barriers we put in front of him he will overcome. All that stricter immigration controls do is raise the cost of enforcement.

  • Strictor Controls Don't Reduce Illegal Immigration

    By implementing tighter controls on legal immigration, one can't expect illegal immigration rates to drop. The fact of the matter is that criminals looking to get into the country illegally won't be affected by legal controls. We have to implement other strategies in order to successfully curb illegal immigration today.

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