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Will stylish bullet proof vests sales increase ,due to the modern prevalence of mass shootings?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • The picture depicts a new line of fashionable bullet proof vests.

    There has been 69 mass shootings so far in 2017, according to gunviolence.Org In 2015, there were a record of 372 mass shootings, according to data provided by pbs (http://www.Pbs.Org/newshour/rundown/2015-the-year-of-mass-shootings/

    Mass shootings seem to be a new societal norm, with breaking news reports often featuring terrorized suburban victims crying on tv. A few companies are profiting off of this trend, selling cloak bullet proof vests in the form of suits, casual dress as well as surprisingly fashionable and trendy women apparel. Will this new line of clothing become profitable as well as more economical as mass shootings increase?

  • "Mass shooting" is bit of a loaded term.

    It seems that someone with mental disorder or radical political/religious beliefs discharging a fire arm in public, regardless of victim count, is considered a mass shooting. Many "reliable" news sources are cited for the absurdly high number, but it seems everyone just forgot that "372 mass shootings in 2015" was taken from Reddit, which was then turned into its own site.

    This aside, I think the sales will increase, but not because of mass shooting, but because vests are now safer and less restrictive. Wouldn't you wear one if it had no down sides?

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