• Yes, Survivor will be cancelled soon.

    Survivor was one of the original reality TV shows, breaking new ground and making the way for all that would follow it. That reason alone should cancel the show. Reality TV is terribly boring and feels old fashioned already. With YouTube, everyone in the world is creating their own reality TV, so why would anyone tune in to "Survivor"?

  • There is know way cbs would cancel survivor

    Survivor is my favourite show and many others to. I can’t see any reason why it would be canceled it gets good ratings it makes cbs money and it’s the most interesting show out there in my opinion. If the show has made 36 seasons then it has to be getting a good amount of viewers. The only reason why survivor would ever end would be because of Jeff Probst leaving but that won’t happen for a long time Jeff loves survivor and I can’t see him quit

  • No way! !

    There's no way survivor will be cancelled. Survivor is too popular, it's the longest running reality show on the network. It's just like the Simpsons, they don't cancel these shows and won't anytime soon. You guys are crazy to think the BEST show on television will be cancelled, just crazy!

  • Best Show Out There: By Far

    This show is absolutely the best show out there by far. It is the greatest social experiment ever developed. Force 16-20 people out in the tropical wilderness to complete three tasks perfectly. Outwit, so you must think one step ahead of all your opponents and see the invisible, while also Outplaying them in challenges go gain immunity from being voted off the game you just starved yourself to stay on, and finally, and most importantly, Outlast the rest of them and become sole survivor. All while starving themselves (Literally) and sleeping in a worse bed then you have ever seen in your life. The upside It's exciting for the viewer. :)
    So please do not cancel this show, as there is no way in the entire universe to replace it with something better, and that is proven by the fact that it is literally the longest running TV series by far. 36 seasons, (Season 36 has been officially renewed, so it IS happening for sure, 100%) the equivalent of roughly 18 years. That is amazing. If that isn't enough proof for you, then I don't know what is. Keep this show on guys. Thanks.

  • Should definitely not.

    Why would you fix something if its not broken. Survivor is arguably the best show to grace TV. This show is definitely in for the long haul, and Jeff probst seems to have the stamina to keep doing this. People just love this show and it would be a shame to cancel a show that many families enjoy watching. Do not cancel it.

  • No Survivor is the new Jeopardy.

    Okay so this is an easy answer for many reasons. 1) The show is still receiving massive ratings and making CBS a ton of money. 2) The only situation in which Survivor ends is if Jeff Probst can no longer host it which a) is not happening anytime soon and b)he could simply be replaced with a former player such as Parvati, Malcolm, or even Joe Anglim. Same as Big Brother ratings are good the only way it ends if if Julie Chen steps hosting in which case Jeff Schroeder takes over since that is so clearly what CBS is preparing him for with all of his new jobs at CBS interviewing players as they are evicted and before they go into the house. 3) If Survivor were ever to go off the air some new kind of reincarnate would eventually come to fruition so there is really no point in ending the show when it will just reconfigure in a new way somewhere else and make just as much money. These are the reasons why Survivor will be on for a very long time at least i hope so that ay i have more chances to get cast on a season. ;)

  • I don't see it happening too soon.

    I guess it would depend more on Mark Burnett and whether he wants to continue the franchise he began. Survivor is still going strong, and I don't see CBS wanting to cancel it as long as its a cash cow for them. . But then again stranger things have been known to happen, I never thought Fox would cancel American Idol which was a huge franchise for them but that happen this past season didn't it?

  • Survivor television show is here to stay

    No, I don't believe Survivor will be cancelled in the near future. Survivor is a pioneer in the television industry being the first of its kind and launching the "reality" show. Falling ratings are simply a function of so many copycat shows but to keep the original on the air would be a wise move by the networks.

  • No, "Survivor" will be a survivor.

    I believe that "Survivor" can continue for as long as CBS wants it to. In my opinion, the general public is ravenous for almost any type of entertainment that involves competition. "Survivor" is definitely one of the more popular in this genre. With its ever-changing cast of interesting (to say the least) characters and likable host Jeff Probst, its ongoing success is certain.

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