• Yes Suze Orman's new show 'Money Wars' will be very successful

    Suze Orman's new show 'Money Wars' will be very successful. Ms. Orman will be proving entertainment, information and financial insight to a new generation viewers. It will also bring in a wider range of viewer since it will deal with couples, families and singles as they learn the skills needed to gain "money empowerment."

  • Yes, Suze Orman's "Money Wars" show will be a success.

    Yes, Suze Orman's new show "Money Wars" will be successful because she is very popular in the mainstream. She already has a highly watched show and the new show just enables her to extend her reach in the personal finance space. The average person finds her advice to be useful.

  • Suze Orman's New Show

    Suze Orman has been quite successful in telling other people how to spend their money wisely. She has informational conferences held on television in which she answers audience members money questions. She helps people with retirement, buying a house, and how to get out of debt. Suze has also written best selling books on this subject. She has a new show called, Money Wars, which will be another success for her as she has a great reputation and a stable fan base.

  • Yes, I think that her show will be successful.

    Yes, I think that Suze Orman's new show "Money Wars" Will be successful because Suze Orman is a pretty popular women so I think right there that will bring a lot of viewers to her show and also I know that a lot of people are into the Wars shows like Storage wars, etc So I think it will be good.

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