Will Syria actually destroy their chemical weapons?

  • Yes it will

    As soon as the threat posed by other countries will decrease, Syria will, abandon and destroy it's arms.
    But then Syria isn't showing any signs of it so yeah it shows disrespect towards humanity and the killings of innocent people and how brutal the govt. Is
    The president should do something.

  • Like Other Nations, Syria Is Unlikely To Relinquish Weapons

    Unfortunately our world is still plagued by war and strife although it is becoming increasingly less acceptable. While war is still going on, however, nations are unlikely to relinquish any kind of weapon, and for that reason Syria is more likely to hide their chemical weapons than destroy them. In order to make a nation feel comfortable with disarmament, it would have to be a global effort where all weapons were removed so the disarming nations would not have concerns about being at a disadvantage after disarmament.

  • Syria Chemical Weapons

    Syria in light of the mishap of American military that caused the endangerment of diplomats is not about to destroy their chemical weapons. Chemical weapons is what makes Syria a force to deal wtih when confronting American Intelligence. Smaller countries like the challenge of having chemical weapons as America's military.

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