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  • No 2014 Peace for Syria

    Unfortunately, Syria is unlikely to find peace at any point during 2014. The country's civil conflict is far too great and volatile to be solved within a year's time. Syria will continue to engage in civil bloodshed and other atrocities in the coming years. Currently, no viable solution is available for either side in the conflict.

  • It's not likely

    I do not think that it is very likely that Syria will find peace this year. There are deep tensions between the two sides of this fight and there is a lot of bad blood. It is difficult to say what result would be best for the remaining population. I don't think it will happen.

  • It is unlikely that Syria will find peace within the year.

    Syria finding peace within the year looks to be highly unlikely at this point. Even if the government and main opposition parties were to come to an agreement, a currently dim prospect, there would still be independent Al Quaida and other militant Islamist affiliates who would never accept peace and fight to the death. Therefore peace in Syria seems to be unattainable anytime in the near future.

  • Resolutions Will Take Time

    I believe it is doubtful that Syria will find peace in 2014. Regardless of rather or not other countries become involved, peace is still far in the making for this country. I do not think we should assume the violence will dwindle and die down all of a sudden. It always takes time.

  • No, outside forces will keep Syria at war

    "International forces are tearing Syria apart. Foreign guerrilla
    soldiers enter the country to fight for their own purposes. An intransigent
    leader refuses to abdicate, though his resignation would bring a measure of
    peace to his shattered land. Foreigners quarrel over the ruins. Refugees live outdoors
    in Turkey, Greece and elsewhere, driven from their own land, while diplomats dispute
    in elegant meeting rooms. Syria will not find peace this year."

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