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  • Hasn't WWIII already officially started?

    War is buzzing all over the place, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, everyone over there. Syria is just adding to the mix but this time causing outrage by killing thousands of women and children senselessly. Yes, it may be a possibility, but I believe that war is going to brew between Middle Eastern countries, and I hope America won't be stupid enough to get involved. We have enough problems already.

  • How can Syria start WWIII?

    Firstly, someone would have to deliberately start it because I doubt that if a struggle got to that point, there would be a point in having a world war. I think a world war would kill off a large percentage of the population. It would kill off everyone, including the population of that which whomever started it didn't intend to kill. Why would someone want to start a world war? We haven't had one in over 60 years.

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