Will Target's Black Friday deals help the company bounce back after its massive data breach?

  • Yes, Black Friday will help Target bounce back.

    Target had significant problems with a data breach last Holiday season, but consumers have already moved on. Data breaches are so common these days that consumers are not holding companies as accountable as they used to. When Target puts out its Black Friday deals, consumers will get excited over the deals and will be led by their desire for low prices and their short-term memories will have moved on from last year. Target will have a better holiday shopping season this year.

  • Target's Customers Come To Their Rescue

    Yes, Target's Black Friday deals will help the company see a resurgence in customer activity. Many of Target's customers are loyal to their brand and may only have given up the Red Card option, but they continue to shop at Target. Those customers stayed with Target even during the data breach. The Black Friday deals may bring back those customers who left as well as customers who do not normally shop at Target. I believe Target will continue to be one of the nation's top retailers.

  • Yes, I think it will help the company bounce back.

    Here in Canada, we just recently got target added a little bit everywhere and here in my hometown, one just opened up right close to me. I have read about the data breach and does make me feel a bit uneasy but I do think if they were to have some good sales this Black Friday, I could forgive them? I love me some good sales!

  • No, I do not think that this will help the company bounce back

    No, I do not think that Targets Black Friday deals will help the company bounce back after its massive data breach. I do not think (well to me anyways) that a couple REALLY good deals will keep me coming back to a company that broke its data breach. I would just take my deals and go.

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