• TD Bank surprises customers and scores a viral video hit

    The promotional video went viral, with more than 3.8 million views after just a week on YouTube.
    One woman received airline tickets to Trinidad so she can visit her only daughter, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
    Another mom got $2,000 to start savings plans for her two children, as well as tickets to take them to Disney Land.
    The recipient was ecstatic. "I've never been able to take my kids anywhere," she said.
    TD Bank (TD) customer Mike Jobin, a big baseball fan, got a Blue Jays hat and tee and the chance to throw out the first pitch at one of the team's games.
    The special ATM was located at a branch in Canada, where employees helped design the personalized gifts, the bank said in a statement.

  • Viral always bring more business.

    In the world today, technology is always taking over something, no matter what you do if you are falling in the store, there is always someone recording the craziest things then putting you on youtube or whatever, so anything that is made, viral especially by a Entertainer will always get more views along with more business.

  • No; it may be popular, but that doesn't mean more customers.

    I think that their viral ad tries to convey that they're a bank that cares about their customers, since it depicts an ATM giving people personalized gifts. That being said, I can't see it leading to a lot of new business, because it doesn't really say much about things people will care more about, like interest rates, etc. Having a popular video doesn't necessarily mean there will be more business, just that people enjoyed the creativity of it.

  • No, TD Bank's viral video will not bring in more business.

    TD Bank is a financial organization, so the success of a viral video will not lead to additional business. People want a financial institution that they are patronizing to give of a professional appearance, and make them feel confident that their money is in the right place. Just because a viral video brought some attention to TD Bank does not automatically translate into increased business.

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