• We Destroy Ourselves by Depending Too Much on Our Technology

    Technology, per se, will not destroy us; we will destroy ourselves by depending too much on our technology. In other words we have created a monster that has enslaved us. A solar storm might slay this monster, then we would be free but helpless. Paranoia won't destroy ya: entrusting your brain to a machine will.

  • We stop thinking

    As human our nature is to problem solve, all we do these days is to place things on a keyboard and then were off. Kids these days are fat and lazy and are so stagnant. We all are a society of a fake world of realism. What happens if there an electronic disaster how will everyone survive? Will you be able to survive in the woods?

  • It definitely will

    Technology is a wonderful thing, but like all wonderful things, men have a tendency to twist it to their own means. Einstein once said, “Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal.” This reminds me of another great quote, from 1970, coincidentally: Pogo cartoonist Walt Kelly stated, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” This is a blog about technology, or one specific area of it, anyway. Maybe this article will make you think a bit about this subject.
    To me, technology, like a handgun, is neither good nor evil. It just is. What is good or evil depends on how it’s used. The human race has access to absolutely amazing things these days. We have an emerging noosphere in the form of the Internet. What I wonder about is how all this technology and knowledge will be used. What’s it going to be like in another 40 years or so? Will we still be here?

    The Doomsday Clock was moved up a minute recently as a result of stalled nuclear arms reductions, unsafe nuclear power plants, and climate change. That’s the least of our troubles. While technology provides jobs, improves our lives, brings us pleasure, enables instant contact with each other; there are entities out there in the corporate word bleeding every shred of data from us to use for their own means.

    Privacy? This is quite possibly a thing of the past. We like to think we still have our privacy, but the reality is that Big Bro and everyone else willing to pay for it can gain access to every tidbit of data about us out there right now. I read today that Google is now going to include G+ data into the search stream when folks go there to search for something. Hmm… I always knew G+ was a means to an end. There’s a saying going around these days regarding free online services. I don’t know who first said it, but it’s disturbingly accurate. “If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product.”

    Where is this all heading?

    Let’s talk about the medical field for a moment. We have pacemakers, manufactured joints, prostheses, etc. This form of technology is exploding at an amazing pace. In a few years, I wouldn’t doubt there there will be augmentations available similar to the ones in the game Deus Ex. While the game is fun and the story is intriguing, the possibilities for abuse, as shown in that game, are terrifying. I’m 50 years old. I may still live to see something like this in the near future. Your grandkids will, for sure.

    Speculating on the future is no one’s strong suit, really. It’s much too unpredictable because man is often an unpredictable animal. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, though, you can oh i dont know do stuff you normally do

  • Yes, it's inevitable..

    Yes, it is inevitable.. Technology will eventually be SO advanced that it will become an individual. It will want superior like everything in this world. It will want to be advanced. Just like us. While we may not see this in our lifetime, it is the inevitable future. Soon, life itself we restart, and a new organic life form will be superior, and it to will make synthetics. And the cycle will continue. Just ask Darwin.

  • Yes, in a way.

    Technology is not going to necessarily destroy us, but it will widen the gap between classes. This is already being seen today. People who are very intelligent and can help advance technology make a lot of money, while people who are not smart enough tend to have lower paying jobs. Technology is where all the high paying jobs will be in the future.

  • It will destroy the world as we know it

    Its under way as i type this, I understand enough about mind control to realize the powers that be have been telling us all about Covid-19 picture's so called experts telling us what we all feel we need to hear, Want to hear, Its complete bull as we humans are built of virus's its not virus spreading ill health its psychological warfare, My full understanding is not complete, Hopefully a better educated person will pick up on this and explain it better, Anyway technology will kick in soon and control us.

  • Just look around

    I cringe at all the fools walking with heads down gazing into their smartphones instead of the world. People are so dumb they just follow what the next guy does like use Netflix not realizing how much ruin as a result of this is going to happen, One industry after another goes away because of the internet or tech device or trend and most are so unaware of it because their heads are missing brains.

  • It will destroy us.

    I say this because we'll become addicted to technology if we use it to often, And if that happens we rely on that piece of technology. It may save us, But then we'll only use that to protect us and if it can't protect us, We are screwed. It's like how Captain America will always rely on his shield. If it breaks, He is a lot weaker since his fighting is depends on his shield. I am afraid this may happen to us if we rely on technology to much.

  • Always having to 'be online'

    The Internet is great. But it's also getting out of hand. You need to be 'connected' to do so much. Apply for a job? Online. Our addictive social media? Online. If you're a Gamer? Online. Or at least online is the future, Or so I've heard with streaming starting to takeover. Not everyone has access to a super fast network. And they are, Or will be left in the dust. When is enough. . . Enough?

  • Tech Is BAD! It takes us away from our loved ones. .

    Yes, If you can clearly see that saying yes not only realizes that tech is bad but also has a reasonable stating on why it is bad while the opposing side does not all they have wrote is gibberish. . . We need to start paying attention to the real world now and days tech takes advantage of us. There are children out the around toddler age and they already have phones. I didn't even have a phone. What are we supposed to do now make technology zombies. But wait we already have. This world is nothing but tech. It is getting destroyed because of it. We are not paying attention the the funny and the happy moments that happen in life. Many people post that they feel alone and the only reason why is because they only have their phone in life their friends are to busy on the own phone or shall i say 'life. ' I think people should pay more attention to the real world. Because i feel lonely and i am not a hypocrite for saying that because i do because no one pays attention in the real world no more it is only technology they pay attention to. Why are people like this?

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  • Nah we good

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  • Technology is not a monster to destroy us

    Man him selves is the destroyer of mankind.For instance, the "Deep water Drilling Rig Explosion" in 2010 in Mexico was a devastating oil explosion which resulted in the death of 11 workers and injury of 16 workers.This was not caused by technology but was caused by the laziness of humans.

  • Technology is not a monster to destroy us

    Man him selves is the destroyer of mankind.For instance, the "Deep water Drilling Rig Explosion" in 2010 in Mexico was a devastating oil explosion which resulted in the death of 11 workers and injury of 16 workers.This was not caused by technology but was caused by the laziness of humans.

  • Nah fam we good

    We all good.

    For now until we all get killed and eaten by magical flying robots and we will all die in a flame of glory and all that good stuff. No need to fear about that we got it all under control. We make them they may kill us one day. :) Bye!

  • How could technology destroy us ?

    I would like to say that technology have both negative/positive effect,it depends on how human use.Technology actually help us in making our lives better than before.Nowadays we have advancement in medicine,military,and education.Also it doesn't change the behavior of people. So just stop saying technology destroy us.We ourselve destroy each other by stupid reason.

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