• Black mirror ()

    We use some black mirror shit and hope that it works and if it doesnt then we cause another plague and then whoever survives survives rip to the others. We dont even have enough food as is so how are we supposed to do this yanno? Word word word word

  • Technology Will Save The World

    Eventually, technology will be able to cure and fix world hunger. One day there will be a system that is able to provide man made food that can sustain human life. People will be able to eat this man-made food and survive on it. The technology in the world is rapidly getting more advanced and stronger.

  • Technology has the capability to solve world hunger, but it will never happen because of greed.

    With today's technology, I believe we have the capability of solving world hunger. The problem is not technology, but greed. With technology we can develop crops that withstand parasites and can grow in inhospitable conditions. Yet the companies that develop these seeds patent them to the point where they will sue farmers whose seeds get cross-pollinated with theirs by accident.

    Additionally, there are constantly new products being synthesized with technology, for example synthetic meat, soy based products, 3-D printing of pizzas, etc. But these are being marketed to places where they can make money. II think in the very near future technology could have the capabilities of solving world hunger. It's whether we utilize that technology to do so that is the question. And I don't think humanity will ever get to that point.

  • Hunger is more than a problem of supply.

    Hunger isn't a problem of supply, but more of distribution. There is almost no country that doesn't have citizens suffering from hunger and most of those countries have a food surplus -- that is, they sell food to other countries. Hunger can be the result of economic factors, political factors, and even war -- famine is most often the result of using hunger as a weapon, not of natural shortage. If the question is whether technology can result in greater food production, thereby decreasing want, then the answer is no. Production is not the problem.

  • That is up to people

    Technology can only take us so far. If people do not want things to be fair, or have an even playing field, then no, technology will never solve this problem. You have people today working full time who can't afford to feed their families. You have people working multiple jibs just in order to feed their family. It is not right, and everyone knows there is more than enough resources and money to go around.

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