• A true visionary running the company.

    With Musk running the show they will succeed. If it is possible to succeed. Musk has always stated that he expects to fail in just about every venture he enters. I didn't quite understand this initially but if you think of 90% of all business.. They fail because they are not looking at their business in the real sense, that the possibility of failure is the most likely outcome. Business owners who do fail, fail because they hope their business will succeed. Not until you realise that failure is the most likely outcome will you do everything in your power to work not fail. If you just think you will succeed then potentially you are not paying attention to the things which might cause failure.

  • The idea behind Tesla is a way to make a better future

    Tesla is striving to build:
    - Electric cars that are attractive in looks and performance, are safe, have a good range and are not expensive
    - A world-wide system for charging relatively fast

    Tesla is building this future very fast, but they are not there yet.
    The only way I see Tesla not surviving is if another company can do the same thing, but faster, better or cheaper.

    Attractive electric cars will survive

  • Tesla might be the future.

    From what I know of Tesla, I'd say that even if people don't recognize its value right now, they will have to sooner or later. The company named after the most brilliant electrical scientist of recorded history seems to be doing everything they can to live up to the name, and I do think that in time, their electric cars and things of that nature will become invaluable.

  • Tesla is the Future

    Tesla produces electric cars, which are going to be the future of personal travel. Our world is getting too dependent on oil, and freeing us from those chains is very important. By offering premium electric cars, Tesla is making safe technology attractive to a wide range of people, and once they start offering even more options, they will take off!

  • Financial Reports Indicate the end is near

    Tesla's Annual Net Income from 2017 -1,961,400,000 and that has more than doubled since last year.
    There cars are not affordable to the average citizen even with Government subsidies.
    The inherit limits that electric batteries have will prevent it from being more than a novelty that only the rich or ill informed buyer who thinks there "investing in the earths future"

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