• Yes, I believe that the 2014-2015 Holiday Season will be the best year yet for Amazon.

    With people starting to climb aboard the online shopping bandwagon, mass retailers like Amazon and other similar sites are seeing a jump in sales. It is easy and convenient to find what you need on these type of websites. They offer many popular brands at affordable prices with the buyer having control to select the type of product they want along with the shipping. It is this type of convenience that will help Amazon in having one of their most successful holiday seasons.

  • Yes, I beleive that 2014-2015 will be the best holiday season yet for Amazon.

    With online shopping becoming more of the norm, and more and more people searching to stretch their dollar, Amazon is going to have a great holiday season. They already have some of the best pricing around, the selection is virtually unlimited and it ships right to your door. Consumers want the most for their money, Amazon allows them to get that without from the comfort of there homes. If we get some snow before the Christmas rush it will put people in the holiday spirit even sooner, and Amazon will reap the rewards.

  • yes i agree

    I know that I have definitely started shopping online quite a bit more. They have a great system set up, and they have great protection programs and a much better system in place than ebay does. I think that Amazon will make a great deal of sales this holiday season.

  • The draw of Amazon Prime has ended and the 2014-2015 holiday season will suffer as a result.

    Amazon used to be a one stop shop for everything from auto parts to groceries. A shopper could have a huge selection of items to choose from that were included in the "prime" membership, and the items would ship free. Recently the selection for "prime"/free shipping products has dwindled, and I predict shoppers will be reluctant to buy from Amazon as a result.

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