• Broncos preseason 2014: Seahawks eager to scout Percy Harvin, avoid the Super Bowl Hangover

    DK: Well, things are looking fine for the regular season opener as far as it pertains to the Seahawks' major contributors, more or less, but as a whole the team has been fairly banged up all offseason. Starting LT Russell Okung, safety Kam Chancellor, and OLB Bruce Irvin are all still recovering from surgeries, and there are a bushel of nicked up guys sprinkled in at just about every spot for good measure. It does look like quite a few starters will sit for Thursday's game, making this "Super Bowl rematch" less exciting, even for a preseason game.

  • Seahawks In Good Shape for 2014

    Without a doubt, the Seattle Seahawks are set up for a strong campaign in 2014. The team has made some decent offseason moves, and they still have Russell Wilson, who is a quality quarterback that can lead the team to victory. The team might not win the Super Bowl again, but they'll make it to the playoffs.

  • Probably not this year,.

    Usually in my opinion a team is great one year then they get cocky and think they will be just as great the next. Problem is they do not feel they need to put in the work like they did the years before. This will break a team pretty fast.

  • No, because they won't win the Super Bowl again.

    Seattle will not replicate the success they had last season. They will still be a top team and go deep into the playoffs, but they will not win the Lombardi trophy this time. It is typically very difficult for teams to repeat, but with Marshawn Lynch sitting out, the Seahawks will have a much harder time.

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