Will the acquisition of Bouwmeester be good for the Blues?

  • Bouwmeester has proven to be a loyal, strong, and competetive player.

    Bouwmeester has proven to be a loyal, strong, and competetive player. I think Bouwmeester will be an asset to the Blues. The Blues are trying to strengthen their defense, and they made a great choice decision with Jay. He has the longest active consecutive played games streak at 621 games. I think it was a wise move.

  • Yes, he will.

    I think he will. He seems like a very competent and competitive player that will bring their team to a new high, when it relates to their relative competitiveness with the other teams in the league. If I were a betting man, I would say that he will be a good addition.

  • Yes, Bouwmeester would be good addition to the Blues.

    He (Bouwmeester) has proven several times over that he is a great player who is team oriented and would be good for the Blues. He has shown considerable improvement over the course of his career and has scored in many games. He can only be an asset for the Blues and was a good choice.

  • Yes, Bouwmeester will be good for the blues. Bouwmeester has shown that he is capable of carrying good points and handling responsibilities.

    Bouweester has been one of the most trusted players by his coaches and by his team mates as well. He has definitely shown that he can handle a higher level of responsibility and proves that he is a great team player. Bouwmeester will definitely be taking his skills with him no matter where he goes or what team he winds up with.

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