Will the actors from Mad Men be able to transition successfully to new acting roles upon completion of the successful hit show?

  • I think so they are already doing it.

    I think that the actors of Mad Men will be able to transition. Some of them are already taking new role in TV and even in movies. Yes, there are time when TV actors become so associated with the character that they portrayed that its hard for them to find other work, but I don't think that will be the case here. These actors have proven they are more then just the characters they play on Mad Men.

  • Mad Men cast will perservere successfully!

    In my opinion, the completion of Mad Men should only benefit its talented cast. All actors are either currently involved in other successful projects or have been successful in their past efforts. Viewers will be interested to see where their new endeavors will take them. Loyal fans will be curious.

  • The Actors From Mad Men Are Still "Sellable"

    The actors from Mad Men may have gotten more recognized and successful from being on the show, but most of them have been in other movies and shows. They are talented actors and I don't believe that they have been stereotyped by Mad Men. They should each be able to go on to other roles.

  • Why it will be difficult for the Mad Men actors to move on to new roles

    After being a part of the hit series 'Mad Men' for such a long time, the actors of the show will not find it easy to transition to another television show. In addition to the actors most likely feeling out of place doing it, the viewers will not embrace them in the same manner anymore.

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