Will the addition of CarPlay make iPhones safer to use while driving?

  • It is a feature.

    Yes, the addition of CarPlay will make iPhones safer to use while driving, because it is long overdue to have an app that can react to the driver. CarPlay takes into account a number of things, and it is designed to minimize distractions for the driver on the road. This will be successful because people want to be safe.

  • CarPlay Does not Change Anything

    In my opinion, even with the addition and implementation of CarPlay, the iPhone usage while driving will still not be safe.Any time a person takes his or her eyes off the road while driving, it should be considered extremely dangerous and wrong. A person should not use any technology or cell phones while operating a deadly vehicle.

  • Addition of CarPlay

    The addition of CarPlay can make iPhones safer to use while driving. But I dont think it will I think that it will onyl be one more distraction that is in the car that people will use to end up in an accident. I think that they have to be careful what they use in the car.

  • No It Won't

    I do not believe the addition of CarPlay will make iPhones safer for use while driving. We need to stop trying this method. It is not safe to operate a cell phone in anyway while driving. We don't need apps that make it safer or apps that even make this claim.

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