Will the Affordable Care Act hurt the U.S. economy in 2013?

  • Yes, it will hurt the economy

    This is a little secret that supporters of Obama just want to ignore. The AFA is going to cause new expenses for businesses, and business knows it. Already, business owners are making efforts to transfer jobs from full time to part time or other avoidance techniques. It will also mean more money will be taken from empoyee's paychecks for employer provided health care.

  • Just follow the money.

    The PPACA requires that additional coverage be provided across the board for all those insured. This increases cost to the end payer. This means less disposable income to put into the economy. My insurance premiums went up 35%. That money comes from a limited amount of income and will not go to the things I currently buy. The less income you have the less disposable income is available. PPACA is just making the insurance companies richer by hurting the people just above the poverty line.

  • Small Business Owner

    Many small businesses will go out of business or lose a lot of business due to this health reform. As a small restaurant owner, we know that the first thing many people cut from their budgets when unexpected or inconvenient expenses are added to it, is eating out. People can live without eating out, but that will hurt many small businesses, restaurants or not. People will need to be more frugal, including us as business owners just to be able to afford to pay for health care. We save money every month to pay for health expenses that may come up and that should be enough for the analytic mind. At least our health care providers are paid in full right away when we go in.

  • Yeah, universal health care!

    Economy-wise, I think this is going to change how our country is run, but I think it will be for the better. Everyone should have the ability to get health care no matter what their situation. I think it will take a lot of power away from the companies that basically tell their paying patients that they can only do so much, and leave them basically crippled financially to cover their bills. It's unfair, and health is a human right.

  • No, it will free up disposable income

    When people are confident that they have health care they will be able to spend more freely. Instead of saving up money in case of an emergency, families will be able to invest in themselves and their lives at a higher level. This increased level of spending will lubricate the economy and help growth in the long run.

  • No

    There is not anything in the Affordable Care Act that punished people. Instead it just makes it so that more people will be paying into the insurance pool, which should hopefully mean that insurance companies can finally lower their prices and the cost of health services will go down for once.

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