• Yes, the Affordable Care Act will succeed in it's goals.

    There has been a lot of support for the Affordable Care Act in congress as of lately. Medicare is a system that has historically had good intentions, but very poor implemtation. With Obama passing legislation that gives support to the Affordable Care Act, it is only a matter of time before the Affordable Care Act can grow and reach it's true potential in supplying Americans with affordable health care.

  • Yes, Affordable Care Act Will Ultimately Succeed

    The Affordable Care Act will ultimately succeed, though it may take some time to do so. Affordable health care for all Americans is a right which most Americans believe in, and though it is a huge task to undertake, to overhaul the entire system as we know it, health care for all Americans will ultimately succeed.

  • I Think It Will

    I believe the Affordable Care Act will succeed in some of its goals. I don't think it will actually offer affordable insurance to people. I think that will take price controls implemented by the government, something the act looks over completely. Depending on private insurance companies to reduce prices is not going to work.

  • People haven't signed up.

    No, the Affordable Care Act will not succeed in its goals, because people haven't signed up for it. Too many young people are just risking that they won't get sick. Also, the employers cannot afford to give everyone health insurance, and instead they are cutting hours and cutting people back to part time.

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